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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: The Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! AMV Ever Made (Seriously)
  • Premiered: 2006-07-29
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  • Songs:
    • Afroman Because I Got High
    • Barney I Love You
    • counter strike funny sounds
    • counter strike Random Sound Clips
    • Dan Green Anti-Drug Commercial
    • DDR Mr. Wonderful
    • Dennis Leary Asshole
    • Disney's Alladin Soundtrack Prince Ali
    • Foamy the Squirrel Halloween Hoopla
    • John Williams Duel Of Fates
    • Ludacris You's a Hoe
    • Sisqo Unleash the Dragon
    • Stephen Lynch If I Were Gay
    • Weakest Link Audio Clip
    • Weird Al Yankovic Ugly Girl
    • West Side story I feel pretty
    • Yu-gi-oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker -_-' Yeah, boo....


    The time has finally come! The sequel to the Worst Yu-Gi-Oh! AMV Ever made, including some old favorites and all new and unique segments for more WTF? action! You think the last one was bad? You should see this! Explanations will come later.

    But for now, enjoy! ^^

    All comments are welcome. That is all.

    Quick Comments:
    2008-10-21 22:26:06 Terrible.... But good because of that.
    2007-07-26 10:28:28 even more hilarious!
    2007-07-26 08:06:55 lmao!!! you need to make more!!!
    2007-07-19 22:01:30 gees This was relly stupid
    2007-05-30 02:43:48 Omg, I loved this! Wonderful concept and done so tastefully, you don't need drugs to do this right!
    2007-05-27 22:17:28 OMFG! That was great!
    2007-05-21 14:53:12 lmao good job love it
    2007-01-16 19:21:00 when i finish
    2007-01-16 15:28:34 Meh, it was okay. I actually liked the original better.
    2007-01-13 22:34:50 I dunno, I think the overall quality in this one is less than in the original. Lots of clips fell flat. I did like the Malik got high, Bakura's not gay, "screw you, Ken," and Mai's a ho.
    2006-12-11 03:08:08 Bloody awesome! Make another... PLEASE?
    2006-11-17 01:29:14 Yup, it's pretty bad, but in a good way. It got a smile and a chuckle.
    2006-10-24 09:16:43 I think I liked the first one best.
    2006-10-21 10:17:35 THIS IS F'ING HILARIOUS!!!!
    2006-10-18 15:20:19 This was fucking Funny!
    2006-10-06 23:32:12 Great! Use more animes next time
    2006-10-03 22:57:49 WTF indeed ^_^ XD
    2006-10-01 16:43:07 horribel
    2006-09-26 03:24:07 This video was a lot like fucking my wife. I just closed my eyes, tried to ignore the horrible sounds I was hearing, and pretended I was someone else. The only real difference between this and banging my wife was that I didn't cum and the horror of your video lasted about three minutes longer than the whore of making love to her
    2006-09-23 18:34:54 bad bad bad bad, not funny in any way
    2006-08-26 08:56:15 OMGWTF? That was sooo random and funny XD The bunnies give it two thumbs up
    2006-08-19 02:40:09 This was hilarious! Thanks for the much-needed laughs.
    2006-08-10 01:08:39 funny ^_^
    2006-08-09 21:53:21're amazing. Even my boyfriend who doesn't know that much about YGO was laughing his head off. You have some real talent! Keep up the great work! 5 stars for you!
    2006-08-07 13:42:47 it made me go huh then wtf then huh then wtf again
    2006-08-05 15:16:30 O_O.....
    2006-08-04 22:12:32 seriously funny, you have some real talent. I haven't laughed that much in ages. I nearly peed laughing so hard. The barney thing was disturbing though. 5 stars
    2006-08-04 21:05:02 The anti-drug PSA was my only fave.
    2006-08-03 20:59:44I was hoping it would be funny. But it's not. It really does suck. My eye balls are bleeding. I will never watch another AMV again. You have ruined my life.
    2006-08-03 20:02:45 damn right it's the worst
    2006-07-31 18:54:51 Hahaha. I liked this one better than the first one. I hope you do another one. It was quite funny. 5. -Aura
    2006-07-31 13:28:09 Takes a long time to make a good amv and this proves it~Trinigal~
    2006-07-30 21:20:02 Funny, so I 5'd it. But...I feel like I got dumber by watching that
    2006-07-30 20:06:55 Avoiding this AMV. My Anti-drug.
    2006-07-30 18:56:45 OMG....this is even better than the original! The barney part was funny, and so was the snoring and the weakest link. 2 5 stars!!!!! XXXXXXDDDDDDDD
    2006-07-30 18:09:28 I'll give it a 3.

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