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  • Member: gavo
  • Title: The Legend Of The Super Sayians
  • Premiered: 2006-03-04
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    • Carmina Burana We Got Power
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  • Comments: This was my attempt at showcasing the transformations of the legendary super sayian form. It seems more fitting that goku would of been and should of been the legendary super sayian. The well and spirit to fight for his love ones as well as to fight on the side of good is enough to deserve this form. The super sayian oringal orgin was that the super sayian was so powerful that he himself couldn't control this massive power and destroys himself. Ever in the animation you notice goku abit worried "drips of water down his face" this is because he himself has no idea the dangers and depths of his power and what type of damage a power like that could cause. "but due to long epic saga" and the author being forced by fans to continue the seires, vegeta also reaches the super sayian level. This totally ripped apart the idea of a legendary super sayian although it should be noticed "Trunks was the second seen as a super sayian which lead to more agressive training by vegeta but he is not the second to transform super sayian" unless you count trunks timeline:P. It was attempted by movie 8 with brolly to replace the idea of the legendary super sayian but it didn't really seem fitting as he was not on any side of good, he was however also like goku a low-class warrior. Anyways finishing this off because I having really bad acid reflux problems as I write this, Vegeta himself reaches the level in a totally different way then goku, this could of lead him to never really reach levels like ssj2 with that much ease compared to goku, as he has very little desire to protect his love ones, it was however know to vegeta that he did trained way above goku 450 Gravity proves it and his fighting technique were superior to gokus but he never had the special training that goku received due to goku's protection of earth. It was however noted to that in movie 12 vegeta goes to hell and can't train at all "due to being a cloud". Know that you think about it in some ways it was his own deeds that stopped him from reaching his full potential. He couldn't train like goku and he never had special help to unleash his true power. The ending suits the amv well I think because it's really the only time vegeta truly surpasses goku, the reason for this opinion is that ever in the cell saga the form he reaches, is not really a advantage in fighting. "Due to speed decrease" but it;s still not nearly as bad as trunks second assented form.:p. So enjoy the video, enjoy goku's moments to protect his love ones and Vegeta one desired shortly filled and then trampled on.

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