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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: One Helluva Bad Day
  • Premiered: 2002-11-14
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  • Song:
    • The Pillows Advice (FLCL Arrangement)
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  • Comments: This video started out as an experiment to see how many effects I could cram in to a single video, and it became something I had a lot of fun with. It doesn't have as many effects as I wanted to put in, because once I began to consider it an actual video instead of a temporary experimental project that would be deleted after completion and never see the light of day, I began to consider whether or not this or that effect would be too gaudy, make the video to hard too watch, etc. I ended up leaving a large chunk of the middle, as well as the beginning, effectless and relying mostly on editting to keep pace.

    The part near the middle with the color shifts was fun to make, though. I love the way the explosion turned out, with the color cycling making it turn green, blue, pink, etc.

    I hope you enjoy this video. It's not the best, but I had fun making it. And that's what counts, right?


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    New XviD encode as of January 10th, 2003

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