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  • Member: AnnaMayBelle
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  • Title: Fate/Sin City
  • Premiered: 2006-04-29
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    • Sin City Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: I've been a fan of Fate/Stay Night since before it became an anime... I was exposed to the incredible plot and mechanics of the game through a website I stumbled across, when looking up information on a more obscure game by the same company. So when I saw that the beautiful art style carried over to the anime, I knew I had to make an AMV.

    I had already made a short FSN project (Fate/Select Start), but I really wanted to do something more with it. Well, this video came together in the strangest way... When reading over a cast list for Sin City, I noticed a character called "The Yellow Bastard". For some reason, the blond, golden-armored, oh-so-hated Gilgamesh from FSN popped into my mind, and the rest just fell into place from there. In the end, Gilgamesh held an incredibly tiny role in the video, of less than two seconds.

    The video was a great learning experience in a number of fields, such as "lipsynching while panning", "adding rain and lightning where there was once no rain or lightning", and so on. The sound effects in the trailer audio also gave me the chance to play with action synching, not just lip synching. My hope is that those who have not seen Fate/Stay Night can still enjoy the video... But I'd also like for fans of the series to get an extra snicker or two.

    Tohsaka Rin fans, please forgive me for casting her as the exotic dancer.

    Awards Won:
    Best Parody, JACON 2006

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