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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: Excel's Childhood
  • Premiered: 2006-07-28
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    • Mike Harding Bogey Man
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  • Comments: My 21th AMV combines the wacky 'Excel Saga' and the equally comic song 'Bogey Man' by Mike Harding. I had trouble with this AMV, until I replaced Dr Shioji (the Scientist who made Ropponmatsu) with the Puchuu.

    Mike Harding speaks with a Northern (British) English accent and uses a lot of slang, so I have complied a list to help explain what he is saying.

    Bogey man = a monster that abducts bad children
    Mam = slang for mother
    Cubs = group like the Boy Scouts
    Smarties = a type of chocolate sold in tubes
    Wots = what / who is
    Our Maureen = 'our' in this context means his sister Maureen or a girl he knows called Maureen
    Maureen = a girls name
    Grids = area kids play on (they normally play football though)
    Nick = crack in the pavement
    Thick = stupid
    Beetle = an insect, there is also a band called the Beatles

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