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  • Member: 8bit_samurai
  • Title: Squall's Megamix
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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    • Limp bizkit,disturbed,linkin park, cypress hill Mega Mix
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  • Comments: update: this is my first vid, the idea for it is over a year old. this is the fourth iteration of the vid. it took me about twenty hours (give or take a couple hours or so) to complete it over a about month and a half, workin from varied hours (anwhere from one to three), for about one or two days (couple of times three) a week. i took my time with this vid, tryin to make it perfect (im a perfectionist on my work) as i can, with as little effects as possible (with an acception of a couple instances). here are the story of the iterations

    First: i first started workin on it last year in August for my first vid, this was before i joined the org, and i didnt know how to rip the videos. it had a channel changin intro movie maker style and the first minute was horrible, so i scrapped it. the only thing that hasnt changed (besides the footage being now ripped) from the first part is the are you ready (the first couple seconds), and seifer's come on. was also going to contain final fantasy vii (game) for the rock superstar part and final fantasy x for the butterfly part.

    Second: i attempted it again beginning of this year, this time with more sync, notably the inclusion of edeas let it all out (changed just about everything) also decided just to use final fantasy viii. i got as far as 59 seconds, then the project file was corrupted.

    Third: had to do it all over again, added some more syncs to the second part. this is where i thought to myself people have short attention spans, i read/heard it was at eleven seconds, which where i got the idea to keep the clips under 11 seconds, but mostly from two to five seconds, where the lyrics and tone changes, i got as far as about 1 minute 20 seconds. then movie maker itself got corrupted.

    Fourth: updated my laptop and got a better move maker, started in the end of may, when i joined the org. i had about twenty seconds completed, when i read the rules deleted the downloaded content and learned how to rip the footage. so i redid the first twenty seconds and it turned out better due to the quality of the footage. added a couple more syncs and finished the vid.


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