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  • Member: mini_mage
  • Title: Another Fantasy, Another Reunion - Remastered
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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    • Yoko Shimomura Another Side
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  • Comments: I promise, this is my last video which I'll ever make with Windows Movie Maker. I had nearly finished my video, but then it happened, WMM destroyed my project file and I had to do almost the whole video again. Man, that if something was really annoying.

    But the video. I wanted to remake Another Fantasy, Another Reunion because the original version is so poor, at least I think so after I finished this. Now the quality is better and I had an opportunity to use more scenes from Advent Children. I didn't change my favorite parts but almost everything else is remade.

    It took about a week to make this, but there were days when I didn't work at all and at times I had problems with realizing some parts.

    Umm, I guess that's all about it.

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