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  • Members (24): Kitsuner, AMV_4000, Coderjo, Fall_Child42, GloryQuestor, Haunter103, Ileia, Kionon, Kristyrat, Nessephanie, Niotex, Reigna, Satomi, Shinodude, Streicher, Tsunami Jones, aesling, angelx03, badmartialarts, celibi87, guy07, jubjub2, lilgumba, temaranight
  • Title: THEEND - (Or Iron Chef Idol 3 TV Time)
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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    • aesling Smallville
    • amv_4000 Alvin & the Chipmunks
    • angelx03 Neko Mimi Mode
    • celibi87 Pokemon
    • CoderJoe The Muppet Show
    • Decoy Gummi bears
    • Electric Six Gay Bar
    • Fall_Child42 Mr Bean
    • Glory_Questor WKRP in Cincinnati
    • guy07 Clone High
    • haunter103 Saved By The Bell
    • Inthesto Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    • JubJub2 Believe It or Not
    • Julian Gingell American Idol Theme
    • Kitsuner Rawhide
    • Kristyrat Jeopardy
    • LadyDX Megas XLR
    • lilgumba Diff'rent Strokes
    • nessephanie Friends
    • Niotex Duck Tales
    • Reigna The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    • Satomi Teen Titans
    • shinodude Freckles
    • Streicher Die Biene Maja
    • Tsunami Jones Captain Planet
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  • Comments: This is godix. It is my great disgust and loathing to write the video description for Iron Chef Idol 3, the third and unfortunately probably not final effort by Kitsuner, aesling, aielI_Ileia, AMV_4000, angelx03, celibi87, Coderjoe, badmartialarts, Fall_Child42, GloryQuestor, guy07, Haunter103, jubjub2, Kionon, Kristyrat, Decoy, ladydx, lilgumba, Nessephanie, Niotex, Reigna, Satomi, shinodude, Streicher, and Tsunami Jones to prove that William Hung actually isn't all that bad in comparison. Before I discuss the video I would like to take this chance to make one thing absolutely clear. I had nothing at all to do with it. When Kitsuner was looking for talentless hacks to make the worst half hour of video since Pauly Shore had a film career he wisely choose to not ask me. Keep that in mind please. When you're curled up in a fetal position whimpering for your mommy after seeing this just remember, godix had NOTHING to do with this. Do not blame godix. Do not pray godix has a slow torturous death. Do not physically attack godix at cons. Do not bulldoze godix's house. Do not pour gas on godix and set him on fire. If you feel the urge to do any of these things, and you will, then do them to Kitsuner. He's the heartless son of a bitch who headed this crime against humanity. Remember to take photos of him rolling around on the ground trying to put out the flames while neighborhood kids are roasting hotdogs over his soon to be smoldering corpse. It's warm fuzzy happy moments like this that you'll treasure in your old age.

    Anyway, that's enough about me. I'm sure what you're reading this for is to find out about the video. The basic premise is that each person will sing for you. Keep in mind I'm using a very broad definition of 'sing' here, one so broad that it probably includes as harmonies sounds like projectile vomiting, infants crying, fingernails on a blackboard, and that final little gurgle people make when they choke to death on their own blood. Now at this point a decent and kind human being would delete their song and have their larynx cut out for the good of humanity. Fortunately for this video, none of the editors involved are decent and kind human beings. So instead they handed their track off to another editor who was given just two hours to do edit an AMV and you'll quickly learn that here is a group of people that can cause as much pain in two hours as it took Hitler years to cause on the Jews. Unlike the real American Idol that this is shameless and blatantly a rip off of, there are no winners. Or rather, like a spelling bee for second grade mongoloids, each and every one of these editors is a winner. If I ever get their home addresses I will be glad to personally send them each their trophy of a dried up rock hard piece of dog shit. They can engrave their names onto the side of the dog crap and put it on their shelf. I'm sure this bunch of pathetic never-beens would proudly point out their new trophy to friends (if they happened to actually have any) and family (if they haven't been disowned yet). Anyway, in this video these editors will display for you all the entertainment of watching a special olympian taking a huge heaping dump in middle of the field without remembering he needs to pull his pants down first. Except, you know, without the humor value of the retard crapping his pants. If there has ever been a video which gave you the feeling that your monitor suddenly spewed pure crap all over you like tubgirl given exlax then this is that video.

    One thing to note, oddly enough the artwork on the transitions looks like it took some effort to do. Imagine that, these people actually spent effort to suck worse the Ramonesfan doing a video tribute to Sammy. That floors me. I can understand if the video was so horrible because no one gave a fuck about it (especially the audience) but to spend time making this the best possible piece of monkey cum they could? And *THIS* is the best they could do? God bless America. In a decent and civilized country these editors would have been hounded down by a mob with torches and pitchforks but not in America. Here we not only abstain from putting their genital openings on the business end of a machete, here we let these fuckers put their work on the internet for everyone to see. The only happy thought here is the possibility that somewhere, somehow, this video may be used in court against the participants.

    So to keep this semi-short, this video will make deafness appear to be an appealing alternative lifestyle. Within a few minutes you'll be looking around for knitting needles to stab in your ears and you'll look forward to a lifetime of staring at that woman in the corner of the screen who look she's trying to get an aircraft to do a particularly complex and intricate landing. For future reference, the middle finger is not a valid sign in American Sign Language although it is an excellent and instinctive response when meeting the people involved in Iron Chef Idol 3.

    So there you have it. Iron Chef Idol 3. A video so horrible that I refused to actually watch it before writing the introduction and I sure in hell ain't gonna watch it afterwards. If you, the potential viewer, had any sense of self preservation at all you would strongly consider following my lead. Openly mock the editors involved and make fun of them but never EVER actually make the mistake of watching one of their videos. Including this one. Close this window right now and go download something decent, might I recommend something that this guy has done? He's fucking brilliant. Except for, of course, all the times he's not.

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