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  • Member: Super Vegetable
  • Title: I Got a Name!
  • Premiered: 2006-07-20
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    • Jim Croce I Got a Name
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  • Comments: I finally finished this one. It's been put off for a long time but now it has been finished. Using the song "I got a name" by Jim Croce, I have completed an anime music video with Naruto and Neji... I find that this song fits them both quite well... The scenes have been selected to fit with the lyrics... notable parts are at 0:19 - "Like the singing bird and the croaking toad" the scenes selected show a bird and the Frog Boss himself... and at 1:05 - "Like the whippoorwill and the baby's cry" with another bird and Naruto as a baby crying... There is a moderate amount of lip synching... and there are plenty of digital effects to work with the beats of the song... The continuous effects are yellow and blue like the colors for Naruto and Neji... the effects change with the music... you'll see what I mean... I hope... anyways... it was a fun video to make and it is fun to watch... maybe even a bit provocative... at least I find some scenes to be so... there are some scenes that require a bit of Naruto knowledge... like at the part when Jim Croce sings "and I carry it with me like my daddy did" this refers to Neji's cursed seal mark on his forehead which his dad also had... and the person shown after this part is indeed Neji's father... Well, that's enough talk... please watch this one and see what you think... and if it's not too much trouble please leave a quick comment if you would, I'd much appreciate it...

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