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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Sakura's Magic
  • Premiered: 2006-07-15
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    • Raven Symone Some Call it Magic
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  • Comments: Heya, well this is my newest vid. it's also the 1st to ever be in a amv contest at a con!!!! Ikasucon4 06 It didn't win however they like it alot. I was so worried that it would bomb but i was very happy at the respoed it got. anyway I again want to thank my beta tester she help alot on this project. Even though most of my amv's r CCS I only have 3 ep DVDs(1 from the 2nd season eps 40-43 and 3 from 3rd season eps 56-59 than 64-70 and the 2 movies. so she took the time to look though her dvd's, rip them, and send them to me. So thank you so much ^_^,

    Anyway I thought this song fit CCS very well, & i really hope u like it and if u were at Ikasucon I hope u like it and would also DL this one aswell. So plzs watch and leave opinions and qc's




    P.S. U need DivX to play this. and PLZS don't put this on You Tube!!!!!

    oh i had a few pple already tell me that they seen interlace and that i should read the guide& DL AMVapp, just to let u know I already have done that BEFORE i made this(sorry im just getting tired off pple saying i need to do that when Iv already have for almost a yr.)

    Quick Comments For: Sakura's Magic

    2007-03-11 19:05:48 You are a queen with editing software

    2007-02-27 20:22:18 Can't...look...away...from...the...SPARKLYS!

    2007-01-08 08:10:52 Very Nicely done Video, Beautiful effects. (5/5){BunaDude22}^_^

    2006-09-16 21:41:24 it's awesome, I loved it. Love the sparly effects. Quality kinda changes throughout the video though. But still, 5 stars

    2006-09-02 06:10:31 omg teh cuteness and lensflares!!! lol too cute XD ~JaddziaDax :)

    2006-08-25 01:20:28 it was cute.

    2006-08-08 21:19:01 Very nice. ~melrose~

    2006-07-26 09:33:57 Superb!

    Edit: The local is now a MP4 format. If you want to play local mp4 get ether VLC Player which is a very handy tool, and is highly useful or the K-lite Mega codec Pack which I prefer this over the CCCP. If not download the Xivd version via direct link

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