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  • Member: Saber_Lightning
  • Title: WotS: More To Life
  • Premiered: 2006-07-17
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    • Stacie Orrico More to Life
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  • Comments: Finally it has began...please read this VERY long introduction.

    Hello there and welcome to my project, Yu-Gi-Oh: Whispers Of the Sky (aka WotS). The sky, at least in my perspective, has always been a symbol of flowing time. Every time we look at the sky, it's different and it keeps on changing and floating away, farther but slowly like how time is. When we look at the sky again after such a long time, it seems like time has been so fast that today you've managed to look at it and when you did, it seems as though it's something new like time.

    Granted, I titled this project Yu-Gi-Oh: Whispers of the Sky wherein the memory in Yu-Gi-Oh series is collected and formed into music videos. It's not easy making them, as I have to gather chosen episodes between the more than two hundreds.

    There will be more installment awaiting ahead and when I say more, there will be quite a LOT. However as I'm busy with more things (despite that I wish to do more in my movies), expect delays and late updates though I doubt I'll gurantee and exact date.

    I'm still busy making an official site for this project (or my whole music videos) as I have no time (school, fanfics, clubs, yea right time available ya think?)

    Finally, that concluded my introduction

    Now this music video took me a long time as it is the first among the project. It came to me that I've lost some inspiration so I had to really focus hard and finish this in one day as much as possible to not lose the "vibe".

    The video is seemingly centered around Yami/Pharaoh Atemu but I made the stories of others' available so no worries as this is dedicated to the whole series, hoping to remind us of its very good lessons and memories of blissfulness and sorrow. Aw my. This, by the way, is a fast music video, containing neat effects I've put together and it took a lot out of me saving it (had to divide it because of its complexity).

    Comments are much appriciated.

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