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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: Endless Sky
  • Premiered: 2006-09-17
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    • Machinae Supremacy Through the Looking Glass
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    Progress Started: 4.6
    Progress complete: 13.7
    Time spent: approx. 60
    (source capture, export and compressing included)


    Best Action at Manifest 2006 (1st place)

    Best Metal Video (Action) at Connichi 2006 (4th place)

    "Awesome! Awesome! awesome!" - bakadeshi

    "Jesus Christ it's an endless sky get in the vanship" - chosef

    "A swirling mass of awesome." - Tono_Fyr

    "This is an unbelievably kick-ass video" - Rubyeye

    "[...] really accurate, precise, and perfect in harmony !" - Kragdrim


    Dedication ?

    This video is meant to be a little something I wanted to do for ages. I dedicated it to Rubyeye since he was the actual person that made me starting my own videos, and I guess he deserves a dedication. Easy to see why I dedicated this video to him, it's my first clean vocal amv featuring a mixture between different musical styles including Power and Prog Metal moreover I tried to keep it at least a bit upbeat. I guess in some way it has alot in common with his videos mainly except the editing.

    Technical Notes

    Well, technically this was almost a catastrophy I edited it in 23,976 frames without even knowing it, thus it was a very hard task to edit it and convert it into 29,97 frames it took me a long time to solve the probs with that without loosing the sync or quality. And well, the DVDs themselfs didn't have such a good quality anyway, I had to filter alot in order to get it like it is now. The deinterlace didn't really work either because it were progressive but interlaced footage in some places and I guess you'll notice that here and there. Besides that it worked fine converting it into h.264 and aac like usual. If anyone doesn't know how to play the mp4: get cccp (

    Other Notes !

    The sources were actually different when I wanted to start it, the original song was If I could fly by Helloween. The story behind the sourcechange is pretty weird, first I got to know that Chosef wanted to use the same source combo, so I had to search for something else when I decided to use Through the looking glass he just abandoned his idea to let me do it, I started but I didn't feel the editing I did and abandoned the project after 40secs (contact me if you want to see the beta), so I just restarted the video using the Machinae Supremacy song, which I cut down from 5:10 to 3:27 in order to finish it in time. I still didn't have the wav of the song so I had to wait for the CD I oredered to beginn with the project which ate almost to weeks and the Connichi-deadline drew nearer and nearer (acutally my holidays where I went to Japan). I ended up to just use the Intro I made for the abandoned one and edited the first 23secs with the mp3. When I got the CD I only had 16 days left to edit the whole video (but since on weekend was the Aconweekend and I had Niotex and other ppl staying at my place it actual was even less). So the main video lacks at some points since I had to rush it a bit. I edited the video mainly in 10 days straight always editing at night time from 0am to 6am or so. The outcome is not as good as it could be, but to much effort went into it not to release it would be not an accurate thing I guess.

    Well, I guess I couldn't do the sources justice, but it expresses my love for both the music and the anime so it worked out. Due to the lack of time you shouldn't expect any outstanding effects or internal / action sync that would have eaten up an amount of time I didn't have so I sticked to basic EditingSync and the standart effects I always use just in a way more efficient form than before since I acutally learned alot during the making of this video. Most people who liked Phoenix Rising will certainly like this one as well , but I guess I won't build anything similar anytime soon, I have to get back to what I love to do: Death Metal videos ;-).


    Ok, I somehow new it'd come to this ... I got a couple of requests for an XviD right away so I just made an encode and Tono_Fyr offered me to put it on his webspace (thanks alot buddy). So for the viewing pleasure of everyone that doesn't have a high end computer I added the xvid on direct.


    Since I won Best Action Upbeat at Manifest my video get's hosted on there server untill the next con. So if the org's donut may be broken for some time or hasn't got much bandwidth for you and you still want the HQ-MP4 you now have that option. But you have to use "right-click -> save as" in order to download it.

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    Lyrics: by Rob and Gibli

    Machinae Supremacy - Through the Looking Glass

    I can feel the sands of time
    passing through the hourglass
    and it shimmers in my eyes
    as I linger in the wake
    as eternity escapes
    I begin to realize

    We'll walk a thousand miles just to see for ourselves
    Look behind our eyes
    find our hell
    And in the light of the sun we go
    Through rain and raging snow
    to find the things we do not know

    I will go
    never laying low
    just tell me how to breathe
    and I will make it so
    You must know
    that this is not for show
    and if you are not wise (it will)
    be your demise

    Once I walked along a field
    another nightmare in my mind
    and beheld the fearful symmetry
    Everything was beautiful
    even things that were dead
    and I surged with violent imagery

    I walked a thousand miles just to see for myself
    looked behind my eyes
    and found my hell

    We come to honor; to stand or die
    to pass the hours of our lives
    We burn the silence and all the lies
    To fuel the fire inside our eyes
    We all go!

    Come to honor
    stand or die
    Fuel that fire in your eyes.

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