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  • Member: Illia Sadri
  • Studio: Starving Artist Anime
  • Title: Real Otaku Hero: Mr. Anime Fanservice Inventor
  • Premiered: 2006-09-22
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    • The Spatula & Sklathill Real Otaku Heroes: Mr. Anime Fanservice Inventor
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  • Comments: Warning: This video does not contain pornographic material but it does have several risque scenes involving brief nudity and induendo

    How Bouncing Breasts Saved my Summer Vacation

    Yep this is not a good vid nor is it deep. It was just damned fun to make and let me play with things. If you laughed at all then it did its job despite its little flaws.

    To say this video was quite a task is an understatement. From beginning to end, from ripping countless footage to masking large portions of the video about 120 hours was invested. Basically it was the replacement for my other video which I realized one month prior to AWA deadline I would not finish in time. Besides, AWA Pro already has a glut of drama and romance each year anyway. What a way to spend the time while laid up with a bum knee that occurred while getting to Tekkoshocon back in March.

    So this lead into what I thought to be a quick project. The video runs in itself about a min and five seconds. Anybody who does not know the audio is a fan parody of the Real Men of Genius Budweiser commercials. Only with an otaku slant. There are several of them.... only the fanservice one best lends itself to a music video.

    It really got into high gear when I finally got around to watching Genshiken. Anybody who views this video and has not seen it ought to. It is the new Otaku no Video. Suddenly a huge wave of ideas hit, most of them required extensive photoshop and after effects usage. Initially I intended to keep it relatively tame and pander to the most common scenes. Ashyukun is to blame for it going further when he said he had plastic little and could rip some scenes. He chose the bathhouse scene with its full nude glory. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy.... enough said. It was at that point where I more or less said screw it, if I enter AWA it gets the 18+ rating and can't compete anywhere else to go all out and not care what goes in there. Hello Urusai Yatsura, Utena, and Colorful.

    I suppose that it makes sense to explain the two major character choices. Madarame from Genshiken does the background singing. You know the really really overboard otaku? The one who would have an entire room heaped with nothing but otaku crap and necessities? Yeah that's him. And his facial expressions as well as as his movements were simply too perfect. And of course no comedy video seems to get by without using Azumanga Diaoh. Anime is full of so many geeky guys. However, Kimura is pretty high on the list for absolutely creepy. If you love Azumanga Diaoh I appologize profusely. I know I am going to hell already.

    Yes I estimate that 80% of the video has effects of some sort ranging from a simple mask to layers upon layers stacked ontop one another. Several of these scenes were literally hours spent in programs that are not premiere. Masking one of the main characters from Genshiken prancing around in joy to the backdrop of Plastic Little's bouncing breasts. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy(seeing a trend here?) The channels switching from Kujibiki Unbalance (an OAV inserted into Genshiken) to Gatekeepers to Love Hina was undoubtedly the absolute bitchiest with the amount of movement in the foreground. Another pain in the ass was the cosplay cafe scene. Masks, photoshopped art and composing it all was probably about 200 layers in the various programs. Pocari Sweat can, the room of posters complete with a tiny version of the newtype magazine... I had a ton of fun making the Newtype magazine since I kept comparing with both american and Japanese versions of the magazine and quickly lost far too many hours than i care to admit playing with it. Yeah it's a lot. More that is probably good. I've always been of the school of not needing effects to have a good video so it feels strange to go from minimal effects to all out.

    Sources... Yeah, look up at the list for a moment and come back. Good? Alright yeah don't even ask why. Some are of course absolutely classic. Naked Transformation? Cutey Honey or Sailor Moon. Famous Panty shot? A-ko. Eventually I pretty much decided that save for Kimura and Genshiken that I wasn't going to reuse shows. Fanpandering to the n-th degree. And made my boyfriend amused by making use of a naked Minmei, of course he helped me find it as he for some reason knows the scene I needed was halfway through the fourth episode on disk 1. I don't think i want to know nor should you. It certainly skews old school since let's face it the 80's was a classic example of why people honestly thought anime=porn. It is downright tame nowadays in comparison.

    By the way, for anybody wondering where the Naruto footage happens to be in this video, it's hidden on the manga volumes in the cosplay cafe scene. Since people seem to think every fuckin video worth anything nowadays needs Advent Children, FMA or Naruto... fine. I'll do it. But no Tsunade or Hinata boobies for you.

    .... Anybody still reading this rambling? *cricket chirps* Good.

    Did I go to far? I don't know. I just finished this as I write this so my initial inclination is, yes. I don't have the same level of hate I had for my last video (drunk+ff8) but it's not what I consider good. It's a lot of cheap gags and I think it might be too damned busy.

    But what other way was I going to waste a month where I could hardly walk on my left leg? Time well spent.

    Thank you to the love of my life Vey, Jim Finney (both edit parodies, part of the group who did Bad Scottish Dubbing and Fisting the North Star) Trythil, Ashyukun, MexicanJunior, Kusoyaro, Rina and for either betaing, giving me footage or simply helping explain how to do a couple things that I just could not get to function as I wanted.

    Reactor 2006 AMV Contest: Best Comedy
    Youmacon 2006 Hentai AMV Contest: Winner

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