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  • Member: MorningBelles
  • Title: Distant...
  • Premiered: 2006-07-14
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    • Pierrot Haruka
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  • Comments: A character profile video to Inu Yasha, and Inu Yasha only. Which means---you guess it---nobody else of the cast is in it. No Kagome, no Kikyo---nobody else. Just Inu Yasha in all his 'lonesome' glory.

    Back in 2005, I came up with the idea of portraying a bishonen when he's lonely when I heard "Haruka..." by Pierrot. That was also the first ending song to Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and I loved how the song actually portrayed Maron as she wanders around through various settings, all alone, looking for something. Using that concept, I wanted to portray the same thing, only through a bishonen's perspective. Originally, I was going to do Inu Yasha, Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, and Vash from Trigun. However, after a lot of debating, I decided to just do Inu Yasha, since Kenshin and Vash were overused, and Inu Yasha was kinda under-used in terms of a 'serious' character profile, using the TV-size version of 'Haruka...'.

    For the footage, I simply used some of the opening and ending clips, particulary 'Dearest' and 'Shinjitsu no Shi,' as well as 'Change the World' and 'Grip!'. In terms of special effects, I kept it down to simple overlays (I also used at least 3 textures to put emphasis on the mood) and a few cross dissolves. At first, I wanted to add the 'official' subtitles from KKJ and post them over the video, but when I looked at "My Only Destiny" and "Serene Memories," I realized that both of them already had subtitles, and I wasn't looking forward to having yet another IY video with subtitles, so I left them out.

    Just a simple video is what I was aiming at. In addition, there is also a little bit of symbolism in the video, but one of them is mostly at the end with the Tessaiga by itself.

    For the lyrics, a little bit of the video matched up with it, although I wasn't really straining too hard on it.

    ikuoku no toki wo kasanete
    mugen ni tsunoru omoiyosete

    haruka tooi kako no kioku wo yobisamasu
    arekuruu unabara de seimei ga umareru

    kyodai na sanmyaku wa
    masshiro na iki wo haki taiyou wo saegitta
    soshite nanimokamo wo ubaitotte

    hibiwareta daichi de kimi to
    owaru sekai wo nagameteita
    itsunohika jikuu wo koete
    deaeru you ni inori wo nokoshite

    Through these millions of years,
    my love for you will grow infinitely.

    awaken a memory of a long lost past
    life is born from the raging seas.

    a giant mountain range roars,
    blocking out the sun, and then it takes everything away.

    You and I watched the end of the world, on a shattered earth
    and left a prayer to meet again overcoming space and time.

    Makes you wonder if Inu Yasha will ever find that something he was looking for...

    Credit goes to JaddziaDax for the advice on how to beta-test it, and to jade_eyed_angel for actually beta-testing it, as well as a bit of advice with the file extension.

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