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  • Title: アヴェ・マリア (Ave Maria)
  • Premiered: 2002-12-21
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    • Shinohara Emi Ave Maria
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    If you watch this video, take a few minutes to write a review. The more reviews I get, the more info I have on what I need to do to make better videos. Thanks for your time!

    REVIEWERS: This is a holiday video so I am screwed when it comes to general "reviewability." So I've decided to ask people if they might possibly score reviewability based on whether they would want to watch this video the next holiday season.


    Dog of Flanders - Ave Maria -

    Just in time for the Holidays folks!

    The footage for this video is from the animated film "The Dog of Flanders." A wonderfully underappreciated movie. Considering that I believe this is the first AMV posted to the .org with any footage from this film should attest to how overlooked this anime is, which is truly a sad thing. The purpose of this video, if anything, is to hopefully encourage more people to go out and watch this film. I've made it something of a holiday tradition to show Dog of Flanders to my Anime Club every year around Christmas time, but this year I decided to finally make an AMV of this great film. It's an idea that I've been kicking around for a little over a year now, and I finally felt motivated enough to make it. Due to the rather simple editting and the fact that I've been thinking on this video for so long it only took about two weeks to put this video together in it final form. There are some aspects of the video I am still ify about and they might get changed later on, but I'll see if reviewers comment on them before to see if they stand out as much as I wonder.

    Please note that the following download is for internet distribution. The video quality is hardly perfect due to the compression size of the file, but is "better than average" for its size. The convention grade version of this video is quite high-quality, but it is a bit difficult to make a file nearly 800MB in size available for general download. Such is life I guess.

    The song being used is Ave Maria, sung by Shinohara Emi. Some of you might recognize her name as that of the seiyuu for Kino Makoto, AKA Sailor Jupiter. I am not a Sailor Moon fan, but I will admit right here that Shinohara-san has a beautiful voice, so if anything, this video will be worth the download just for the song. While traditionally, Ave Maria is sung in Latin, this version of the song is sung in Japanese, which is why I used katakana to spell out the title.

    The song is available on a CD called: "Sailor Moon Supers Christmas For You." It was given to me a few years back as a gag gift, but it turned out to be a pretty decent christmas album.

    If you like to learn more about the movie, "The Dog of Flanders" I have written a good sized review of the film that can be viewed here:

    In order to make this video I caved in and bought the Dog of Flanders DVD for source footage. Annoyingly enough, when Pioneer released the DVD they decided to release an editted english dub version DVD only. The dub is decent quality, so I can give it enough of a rating that it perhaps warrants buying if you see for sale someplace. Pioneer did release an uncut, subtitled version but only on VHS, and I believe it might be out of print, though it is stiill easy enough to find online. Those of you who would like Pioneer to release an uncut Japanese version to DVD are encouraged to write to Pioneer or talk to their representatives if you happen upon one or two of them at a convention.


    This video pretty much shows the whole ending of the movie, I don't think it will ruin the film for you by watching this video, and may actually encourage you to track it down to watch the whole thing, but I figured people should be told anyway.

    From Ouida's "A Dog of Flanders"

    "All their lives they had been together, and in their deaths they were not divided: for when they were found the arms of the boy were folded too closely around the dog to be severed without violence, and the people of their little village, contrite and ashamed, implored a special grace for them, and, making them one grave, laid them to rest there side by side -- forever! "

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