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  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Anime Academy Heroes 2 Trailer
  • Premiered: 2006-07-12
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    • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer Audio
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    So it's begun. Anime Academy Heroes will have a sequel. And this is the trailer that says it will. But apart from that it says not much else. I've made this trailer as much as a stand alone trailer video as it is part of the theme behind Anime Academy Heroes, so if I were you I'd just watch it as just another trailer video on its own.

    Anyway, the audio for this is from the Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire trailer that came in the DVD in the Australian release. I've searched for the ones on the theatres but simply put, that particular one was no longer an easy thing to find a good quality audio for as well as it being longer than I would have really liked for a trailer.

    With the source footage, well what can I say, Final Fantasy is pretty. Essentially I aimed for eye candy here. Hopefully it was worth it. Oh, and yeah, looking around the org, this might just be the first video here which contains FFXIII footage (albeit it's very short) :P

    I tried to copy as much of how the original trailer looked like. The first few bits with all the characters appearing was in the trailer a shot of the three main Harry Potter characters, but I decided to focus instead on the main three Final Fantasy groups. The bit with Genova's head or whatever falling down was meant to replicate the Goblet of Fire (since I found no trophies in any of the sources I had :P). And finally both the introduction logo and the title at the end are things I tried to emulate as much as I can from the trailer with the intro orignally being the Warner Brother's logo and title being the title ^_^

    This wasn't a very technically challenging video to put together. That's until you have to dig in to Blender to make the introduction and end titles. Suffice to say, the learning curve for this fantabulous program was steeper than Premiere (at least for me, though I've yet to return to it and probably never will). In the end it was worth it and for those wanting to know more, try to find the Wiki-book on Blender because that's an awesome reference.

    Lastly, a big massive thanks to Nessephanie for providing some of the FFX footage that I couldn't get a hold of *hugz teh nessie*


    Disclaimer: This trailer in no way presupposes what's going to appear in Anime Academy Heroes - The Second Raid.


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