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  • Member: Rayenhniel
  • Title: Tribute to Escaflowne III: Lost Wings *final remake*
  • Premiered: 2006-07-11
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  • Song:
    • Schandmaul Herren der Winde
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  • Comments: What? Again?
    Well, yeah, after receving constructive
    comments much earlier than I had ever
    expected, I decided to waste no time and
    go over the whole trilogy again.

    At all, I used more editing and tried to
    improve the sync between the music
    and the scenes. Due to the changes,
    some scenes are new, some now missing
    and some sync spots have moved (to
    better ones in my opinion).

    For number 1, I picked a new song, which
    leads to the small change in the title (no
    longer using Ode to joy). The song came
    to me without any warning and I just felt
    it fitted perfect with the footage, so I put it
    in. Also more remarkable editing done
    and, due to the longer song, more scenes
    at the end. The general mood of the vid,
    luckily, I consider kept, if not improved.

    For number 2, just editing for better synch.
    And a slightly changed ending, as for some
    reasons, WMM totally crashed the old one
    and left me no options to restore it, but it
    still is the same way.

    For number 3, cutting out the cheering croud
    at the beginning and ending of the track, plus
    editing for better synch. Oh, and a little phrase
    at the last scene. ^^

    Well, enough said and copy/pasted, that's the
    final versions, at least I hope so. My next AMVs
    should be really new ones, but I just had to put
    up those new versions as I think they're simply
    better than the first ones.

    And once again, sorry for upping so quickly again,
    but I...just had to! *gg*

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