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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Listen to Your Heart, Sasuke
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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    • Roxette Listen to Your Heart
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  • Comments: Woah, it has been a long time since I made my last AMV, I had to trash many projects between cause my Movie Maker program is spooky. The timeline has completely malfunctioned, though tongith I was finally allowed to finish a new project.

    There was a lot of ideas to this, not having done anything for quite the while.

    I had hoped to have gotten Adobe Premier, but for some reason I can't get it to start working.


    Anyway, on we go...



    The storyline is mainly the duel at the Valley of the End, between sasuke and Naruto. As far as that, I kept straight to the anime itself. However, this AMV reflects on their inner feelings, it can be seen through two perspectives. Naruto's desperation to get Sasuke back, trying to convinve him, fighting him and lastly transforming so he may get him back even though he would have to break all of Sasuke's bones.

    Sasuke's perspective is rather confusion and his desire for power. In the end though, he must realise power isn't all.


    I've used mostly clips from episode 127, 132-134... a few from other episodes as well. I really wanted to bring out their close friendship, their rivalry and such. I did my best, considering Movie Maker is a total piece of crap, to edit it, but the program shut down around four times making it. Though, I have to say the new clips I added were better.



    None really, okay, effects were used to keep the whole thing flowing, but I'm a lousy effect-user and I rather keep my AMVs without the whole thing. This turned out better then my Digimon AMVs (my opinion).


    Song and Ideas

    This AMV was put into an idea after having seen another AMV, almost like this (yet I did not copy) which was created by sailor_red, that is a beautiful AMV however, as a Swedish citizen surprised me.

    The general first idea for this was to make a regular YAOI, yet I admit half away i chanfged my mind and decided to make it something else, and base it upon more reflection and deeper things.

    The song I used is the Original Listen to the Heart, written by Per Gessle, some years back (don't remember when though), and played by Roxette. Anyway, sailor_red used a cover version which is slower (though in my opinion it is a bit too slow. Okay, scold me for that later.

    Though I have to say, Marie who sings this version made a wonderful version.

    So, I better keep my mouth shut and let you enjoy this.

    Combined, this took around 4h to make, mainly because my program shut down and such. I knew most clips I wanted to use, or I could have been here for hours.


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