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  • Member: Rayenhniel
  • Title: Tribute to Escaflowne I: Joy of Awakening
  • Premiered: 2006-07-10
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  • Song:
    • Beethoven Ode to Joy
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  • Comments: very first AMV!
    Now, what's in there? First of all, no subtitles.
    The video footage quality isn't sooo good, but I think
    it's quite okay, audio is Mp3.
    Program used...hell, yeah, WMM. Got nothing else.
    Gotta work. Kinda did, I guess.

    This vid is part of a trilogy, they're all featuring
    Escaflowne itself mainly, this one, like the title
    says, the awakening of the meche via Van and
    Hitomi, second one will show it disappearing into
    the pendant stone - and reappearing to fight back
    Dilandao, last one is about the dragon form, Van
    with wings and at last Hitomi as Goddess of Wings.

    So, there are spoilers through out the trilogy, and
    yes, they're all kinda first works, but just feel free
    to download and's it called...ah,
    yes, a comment. >^.^<

    Oh, and please, don't blame me for missing scenes
    when not downloading and watching all three vids,
    they're meant to be together.

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