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  • Members: DarkMaskqueradeValkyrie, kilana meeanu
  • Studio: ś§Guardian Productions§ś
  • Title: Queen of the Damned
  • Premiered: 2006-05-13
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    • Queen of the Damned Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Well here we are again. My FIRST attempt at a trailer. I thought it went ok, but i see now where it could have been better, i'll just have to do better next time i suppose. Anywho...the charecters are played by the following people:

    Lestat: seifer
    Marius: Squall
    Edea: Akasha

    I know this is a bit odd me making this to Final Fantasy 8...but once you watch it, you might understand it, and you might not depending on the person. At first I thought it would be really weird, and it wouldn't work, but after testing it, I found that it might actually work, and I think it did. I seem to have really odd off the wall ideas, but sometimes they come together in a really odd yet pleasing way. Like i said this is my first attempt at a trailer, so don't go too hard on me.

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