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  • Members: Gastéropode, lil'himitsu
  • Title: Quatre Saisons
  • Premiered: 2006-07-08
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    • Etienne Perruchon Zdieskani
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  • Comments: AMV fait en coopération avec Himitsu

    Arrivé 10ième au concours international Fantasy Movies toute catégorie confondues.

    A vous de voir :)

    Quelques mots d'Himitsu:

    I never think I would send amv for the Japan Expo 2006 contest... I worked with Movie Maker, no hope to change for Adobe Premiere before a long and hard training, but Gasteropode asked me to collaborate on an amv.

    I was very pleased to be asked and I tried really hard to find a good idea to use the music he chooose. "Zdieskani" was from a documentary about Asia, lyrics haven't any meaning, it's an invented language.

    I don't remember how I found the idea to make an amv about 4 seasons. Maybe I was reading an anouncement about pizza... ^vv^ yes, I'm not jocking. I noticed that in amv there is lot of close-up, I would give some "space" in the narration. But I developed the concept because I don't like simple things, and amv just about nature would be sweet but quickly boring.

    Searching for nature sequences in Mushishi, I found butterflies, curiosity make me search for the meaning of this symbol : woman in Japan, death's premonitory and transformation.
    Gasteropode would put people, and I think it would allow watchers to implicate in the story. Then "4seasons" is about a trip in time, since winter to another, a trip in a man's life since his winter to his death, and a trip from mountain and snow to beach and sun, ending to return to snow ( "ash to ash"...)

    I know that for most people it would be just an amv about nature and they won't find the interest of people's presence, but I even hope some of the underground meaning would unconsciously spread.

    It's a detail, but the policy used is named "Vivaldi"... ("4seasons", remember)
    Gasteropode make a huge work; teaching me Adobe Premiere, ajusting the synchro in some passages of my sequences (you will recognize his sequences by this criterion) finding ideas when I'm not inspired, equalizing seeds, and all the post production work.

    Result? We end as 10th in the in the international contest of Japan Expo 2006 (137 participants) and 5th in french classification.
    We were really surprised to be selected and more to be in "top 10"... I'm proud of the originality that is probably the reason of this place, but I'm not the "show-off style" and I would thank :

    Gasteropode, I would'nt have done the quarter of this without his help,, the forum were I learn nearly everything,
    my cats, supporting me in every situations,
    Mushishi to make me inspirated,
    Coca Cola Company and minted tea to make me insomniac,
    my pc for holding since we end (r.i.p. hard disk),
    beta-watchers for enlightened advices (Bea, Imarllion, Suricate... and the ones I forgot, sorry)

    thanks for reading and have a good moment watching it.

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