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  • Member: fireemblem776
  • Title: The Angel of Darkness
  • Premiered: 2006-06-24
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    • Alex C. feat Yasmin K Angel of Darkness
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  • Comments: I dare you to find a better Sailor Saturn vid as dramatic as this XD. I dont think ive found any Sailor Saturnb Tributes at all. One of my friends gave me this song. And i knew it was perfect for a tribute!

    And i recently figured out that Sony Vagas was compatible with PSD files, so i had some fun with pictures of her too. I added as many henshins of her that i could find. And for the first time Saturn Crystal power!! XD

    And guess what suprise people show up in it lol. Only 4 people noticed so far on youtube.You have to forgive me on the credits. The people on youtube get on my nerves.. What program did you use!!!! So the credits list what i used, along with some asmusing clips. At least thats what i think. Saturn gets beat up by Pluto.

    And guess what! Saturn gets to blow up the world inthe credits XD Now who could resist that?

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