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  • Member: Master O
  • Title: AMV Hell CE: One Piece
  • Premiered: 2006-07-09
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  • Songs:
    • Inner Circle Bad Boys (Theme from COPS)
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet Transvestite
    • Royal Teens Short Shorts
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  • Comments: These are the 3 entries I made for the AMV Hell: Championship Edition contest.

    Round 10 Wild Card

    Rocky Horror Picture Show OST - Sweet Transvestite (from Transsexual Transylvania)

    Anyone who has watched One Piece knows that this can only refer to 1 person in this series... and it should be fairly obvious who that person is, before even seeing this clip. Anyway, it' was supposed to elicit a laugh from non-OP fans and depict the comedic horror of the Straw Hats when first meeting up with him, since he's such a flagrant "okama..."

    Round 17 Inner Circle - Bad Boys (Theme from COPS TV)

    This is what would happen if a certain Marine ended up on COPS. Crime certainly "buts out" when he's on patrol... I guess crime gets "snuffed out" real quick. Crime certainly didn't listen to the Surgeon General's warning about this guy...

    I think you get the point....

    Round 19 Royal Teens - Who Wears Short Shorts?

    This song has his name written all over it, since he wears Speedos every waking moment. Even his "sisters" wear them ... Also, for some weird reason, the animators of OP focus on a certain part of his anatomy A LOT, too... I am amazed this song is not his theme song because it fits him and his "sisters" so well.

    Final Comments:

    Out of all 3 AMVs, I felt that my Round 17 AMV should have won in its respective round... I couldn't believe another formulaic Excel Saga video won out... but hey that's life...

    By the way, none of these won in their respective rounds!!

    Otherwise, enjoy and make sure you watch the uncut One Piece anime as soon as you possibly can!!! It is amazing!!!

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