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  • Member: jubjub2
  • Studio: JubJub2
  • Title: Howl's Heart
  • Premiered: 2006-07-07
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    • Joe Hisaishi War War War (Howl's Moving Castle Image Album)
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  • Comments: This video was made for Eminence Orchestra's "A Night in Fantasia" concert series. It was played on a large screen behind a 50 piece orchestra as they performed this piece from Howl's Moving Castle. The concerts were July 2nd and July 7th in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia respectively.

    You can stop reading this now if you don't care about why I used the clips I did....

    Last chance...

    When I listened to this the first dozen times, I really had a sense of flying as well as the big explosion feel from the kettle drums. I was asked NOT TO SYNC tightly to the music, since it was going to be used in a live performance. You will see some sync, but not as much as I was tempted to add....

    The other thing I picked out was the flute/piccolo theme that ran throughout the piece. I readily thought of the falling stars that Howl encounters as a child as well as when he was confronted by Sulliman. So I decided that these parts would represent his youth (heart), and the more beat/brass parts would be his desire to end the war and his battles.

    So. That being said, here ya go!

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