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  • Member: Janey
  • Title: All Things I Like about Edward
  • Premiered: 2006-07-07
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    • Bodyrockers I Like The Way
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  • Comments: There are so many things I like about Edward Elric, I just don't know where to begin... so I made a sexy/action/fun/dance/ tribute to Edward. This is my second Fullmetal Alchemist video and ninth one overall. I used hottest song I know, and spent 1,5 weeks on this video and I'm happy with the result:)
    I made Roy Mustang *sing* this song because I felt like someone should represent Ed in this video, and no one else in FMA could do it better than Roy. But anyway Mustang makes just a little appearance: people who don't like yaoi or EdxRoy needn't worry - this video is about Ed alone.

    Technical: Edited with Sony Vegas 6.0. I added some effects and had fun playing with different transitions. And there are no subs.

    Special Thanks: my sister Gally and her friend Heidi for advice and support.

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