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  • Member: Gojitaka
  • Title: Never Let You Go
  • Premiered: 2006-05-27
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    • Third Eye Blind Never Let You Go
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  • Comments: Here's a little background on "Never Let You Go," my 2nd AMV:

    This video was actually about half completed well before I ever even touched "Living in Chaos." By right it should be considered my first AMV, but it wasn't finished until well after "Chaos" was done. Tenchi Muyo is one of my favorite series, and since it is known for having lots of alternate, parallel storylines, I thought my AMV should incorporate that in it's 'simple theme.' You get clear hints of it, but the theme of "Never Let You Go" is that Tenchi and Ayeka had gotten together long ago, but now they're separated and its hard to forget and let go.

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