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  • Member: suberunker
  • Studio: Suberunker Studeosh
  • Title: The Wedding Rings
  • Premiered: 2006-05-05
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    • Carter Burwell Overture (Conspiracy Theory OST)
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  • Comments: Let's get to the formalities: Anime doesn't interest me as much anymore. Nowadays, it's all back into video games and comic books, two different industries that were weak a few years ago, but have steadily grown back into public interest, especially my interest. Hence, why this new video is a smattering of different video game parodies mixed with the usual elements of a comedy anime music video.

    The video was originally a direct sequel to my previous endeavor, The Wizard of Ozaka. However, I decided to retract many of the Ozaka group elements and simply focus on Shinji, the character revealed at the end of Ozaka, and pretty much my target of humiliation. I consider this a addition to the Ozaka storyline, but it is mostly a side story with a focus on Shinji only. Quite simply, the video was originally going to be an action/comedy with focus on just action games. It was also called Ozaka II: The Revenge. In order to keep the video fresh and introduce new viewers, the story was tweaked and is able to stand alone as well, although the end joke clearly is related to Ozaka.

    Now that I have completed an AMV with video game elements, I will be working on one final video to cap off the Ozaka stories. (Although, rumor has it that the Ozaka story will also be continued in Football!! 2, which is also a rumored video). Given that my interests are now in video games and comic books, I think you can guess where the last chapter of the storyline is headed.

    Many thanks to Lita, Dom, Miles, and the RDS crew for their help throughout the year, whether it was on the video or just in general. And also, many thanks to those that have told me how much they enjoyed Ozaka and also what I could improve. Hope this puts a smile on your faces.

    Anime Central 2006: Best of Show
    Anime Expo 2006: Non-competitive Entry, AMV Mailing List Creators Choice for Most Original Video
    Otakon 2006:
    AWA 2006 Expo:

    And now, the joke index (as usual, these go in order):
    1. The background images are supposed to be retro and simple. The solid black and the solid colors tended to fit with the black and white sprite images.
    2. Yes, that is Donkey Kong on the Empire State building. :P
    3. All instances of the Prince were drawn, except the final image.
    4. I always thought the PS2 looked like a high-rise condominium building.
    5. The monorail that passes by is actually a smaller version of the Disneyland Mark V monorail.
    6. Yes, the Wii and the 360 also represent buildings, although I don't know why they would distance themselves.
    7. Oh, and Spike is one of the few people up at 4AM. Smoking by a lamppost.
    8. Seriously, who leaves wedding rings out like that? Included in the first Katamari shot is one of the Naruto throwing stars.
    9. In the city of Vadeo Ghames, the population counter wasn't programmed to count more than 5 digits worth of people. :(
    10. The highway exits sign consists of references to Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario Kart, and 1337 ROM hackers.
    11. Snakes on a plane. This is one of the first jokes I made. I would love to pay it too.
    12. Hey, that guy stole my bike! (refer to YTMND)
    13. Drew that alarm clock myself, too! :P
    14. The katamari contains: Peanut Butter Jelly Time bananas, a tamgotchi, Super Mario Brothers mushroom, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, a Digi Charat toy, a Pikmin, and a Fairy from Zelda.
    15. The karamari contains: Keroro Gunso, Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura, Mokona from Magic Knight Rayearth, Gema from Digi Charat, Pen Pen from Evangelion, Ein from Cowboy Bebop, Shippo from Inu Yasha, and the dog from Duck Hunt.
    16. The katamari contains: Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh, Pikachu from Pokemon, Bulbasaur from Pokemon, Pacman, a Yoshi Egg, and Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo.
    17. The katamari contains: Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess, Faust from Guilty Gear, Vegeta from Dragonball Z, Excel from Excel Saga, Keitaro from Love Hinta, Kyo from Fruits Basket, Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fumoffu from Full Metal Panic.
    18. The karamari contains: Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, Bowser, both girls from Totoro, Totoro himself, Wario, Link, Genma from Ranma 1/2, and the duck monster from Spirited Away.
    19. The katamari contains: a mini Gouf Gundam, the RX-78 Gundam, a Valkyrie from Macross, Optimus Prime from Transformers, another RX-78 from Gundam, and the Buster Gundam from Gundam Seed.
    20. The World of Wardrobe gag comes from, gasp, World of Warcraft. I wrote all the text used for the screen, and yes, it does make sense.
    21. All the costumes selected in the sequence do feature Shinji's face instead of the real face.
    22. Additionally, Shinji is a Female character. :P
    23. Summons are from Final Fantasy.
    24. The taxi gag is a reference to Oregon Trail. The traveling pace and the sickness text come directly from the game. Additionally, the cowbell joke is from SNL. :P
    25. Tom Nook is from Animal Crossing. He also breaks your legs if you don't pay him back (refer to: VG Cats)
    26. The Now Loading screen is filled with references, including Gil (Final Fantasy), a Love, Dad photo from Azumanga Daioh, and of course, the fare is quite 1337.
    27. The Mario Kart characters are seen racing along. In the back row, Sonic zooms by.
    28. The crossing is a reference to Frogger. Additionally, the Excite Bike man is in the last row.
    29. Animal Crossing currency is in bells. That's also an engagement ring, not a pair of wedding rings. :P Oops.
    30. Ammunation is a weapons store in Grand Theft Auto.
    31. When Shinji pulls out the gun, the HUD is from Metal Gear Solid.
    32. Once he "obtains" the rings, the HUD is now from Grand Theft Auto. Notice he has a 1337 amount of money.
    33. Final Fantasy fans should recognize the buttons to escape almost immediately. I've provided them here for those of you that aren't used to using them. :P
    34. Shinji gets pwned, Counter-Strike style. Awps are cheap. :P
    35. The recovery procedure is lifted from Resident Evil 4. The red herb is a Fire flower though. We all know what they really mean by mixing the herbs too.
    36. Random Encounters, a simple fact of life for RPGs. This time Ash unleashes Evamon.
    37. The Evamon is supposed to be reminiscent of the Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus.
    38. Shinji is guided by Yugi, of Yugi-oh fame. His card though, focuses on a deadly creature: the Metroid, from Metroid (duh).
    39. The Lakatu is from Mario Kart and signals the race. Rolling Start is from Daytona USA (for the Sega fanboys that are still out there)
    40. The building they drive under is being made of Tetris blocks.
    41. The rainbow block and the items come from Mario Kart.
    42. Takedown comes from the Burnout series.
    43. The church should be quite familiar (think of the Super Mario Brothers)
    44. The couple being married, well, I couldn't resist. :P
    45. And in the end, it's all for nothing. :)
    46. The King of all Cosmos should have a grudge against Shinji anyways. :P
    47. The final shot is for you Ozaka fans, and ties in part of the story. Notice, the prince is now part of the group.
    48. The reference is in comic book reference format, hint hint.

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