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  • Title: A Part of FFIX
  • Premiered: 2002-11-08
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    • Korn Freak on a Leash
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  • Comments: This movie is really about the relationship between Kuja & Zidane(since they're brothers and all) but there are a few other clips in there that have almost nothing to do with that. Also, you really should play the game and beat it, otherwise this AMV will make absolutely no sense to you. The footage here is mostly located on discs 3 and 4. And no, I don't have the ending in here at all, but it's still a spoiler. A MAJOR spoiler.

    This is the part where I'm supposed to say "watch the video first before you read this" but that's really your choice, not mine.

    This is probably the most lengthy description of an AMV you've ever read. So here goes. . .

    Lyrics ------------ Scene & Why it was put there

    Something takes a part of me ------ Trance Kuja; easy. Trance is like a super saiyan...
    It changes you. . . A lot. Also, the white dragon...
    Kuja's pet that almost never leaves his side.

    Something lost ---------- The white dragon kind of bleeds into this lyric.
    It's lost beacuse, well, look. They're being blown
    up in that scene! ~_^

    and never seen ----------- We have an eyeball opening up and turning into a
    kind of red glowing ball. This is the ship
    "Invincible". The people who've played the game
    should know the importance of this ship. The
    eyeball will appear several more times in this
    video, and I won't explain why because I just did.

    Every time I start to believe ---------- Picture of black mage no.3. A henchman of Kuja's
    (and creation) that is obsessed with taking Dagger.
    This matches with the lyric in this way. . .
    Think of the sentence "Every time I start to
    believe that I'll finally kill Princess Garnet".

    Something's raped and taken ----------- Zidane and Dagger watching the invincible fly out of

    from me ... From me------------ Terra. The invincible is Kuja's, and, well, Zidane and
    Co. sort of stole it.

    Life's gotta always be messin' with me-------- Black Mage no. 3 again. He always fails in his attempts to get at Dagger. I almost feel sorry for
    him. Almost.

    (You wanna see the light) --------- The Hildegarde entering Terra when it "blows up"
    with light. Terra "glows". When Zidane was a kid, he
    searched for this blue light that he remembered
    as the only hint of where he came from.

    Can't they chill and let me be free?(So do I) ------------- Bahamut summoned by Kuja. Bahamut's a slave to
    Kuja because of this. At this point in the movie,
    the "So do I" represents Kuja being a slave to
    Queen Brahne.
    Remember that everytime KoRn says "me" or "I"
    it's referring to Kuja, unless otherwise noted.

    Can't I take away all this pain? ---------- The Lifa tree's mist dissappearing. Kuja wanted to
    Make a Utopia. He figures, if he takes away the mist,
    he's one step closer to that goal.

    (You wanna see the light?) ------- Again with the light of Terra. Notice how it's
    getting closer to going IN Terra.(the ship and people,
    I mean. Along with the light).

    I try to every night, all in vain -------- Kuja keeps trying to make that Utopia, but
    Something or someone keeps getting in his way
    way. . .

    In vain --------------- . . . Could it be Zidane?

    Sometimes I cannot take this place ------ Trance Kuja destroying Terra. Wow. "Sometimes
    he cannot take that place" (Insert good comment
    about Garland here).

    Sometimes it's my life I can't taste ------- Sometimes Kuja just doesn't like life. Suicidal
    thoughts, is he thinking?

    Sometimes I cannot feel my face ------ Blood coming down Kuja's forhead. Kuja's never
    bled before. . . Bahamut caused this.

    You'll never see me far from grace. ----- Kuja's little hair flick. Seriously, if it weren't for
    that thong of his, he'd be a babe magnet.

    (lil interlude of rock music) ------- The Theatreship being chained. Kuja wants to kill

    Something takes a part of me ------ Queen Brahne. She bosses Kuja around.

    You and ------ Zidane. . . Wait for this sentence to finish. . .

    I were --------- Kuja. . . Wait for it. . .

    Meant to be ----------- Wa laa! Kuja and Zidane together! Kuja now wants
    Zidane. (can't he make his mind up?)

    I cheat ----------- Switching are point of view to Zidane, we see him and
    Dagger. Zidane loves dagger. He's "cheating" on
    Kuja. (This makes sense if Kuja's gay or not).

    but for me to lay -------------- Dagger hugging Zidane. Does Zidane actually love
    Dagger or is he just using her for sex? (Not my
    thoughts, Kuja's. ^-^ Imagination is the key).

    Something takes a part of me... ------- Dagger walking down steps. Dagger takes a part of
    Zidane's heart(We're still partially in Zidane's
    point of view, here).

    Feeling like a freak on a leash ------- I really didn't have any good clips for this one.
    I wanted a Kuja one doing Brahne's biddin, but, that
    doesn't exist in any of FFIX's FMVs. So I have a
    nice clip of Zidane walking up stairs. I always wanted
    to know how he felt when he was called "rat boy".
    (you know, human with a tail. . .)

    (you wanna see the light) ------------- Closer to getting into Terra. . .

    Feeling like I have no release --------- We know switch are point of view back to Kuja. Trance
    trance Kuja, blowing stuff up. Why? Because he
    has almost no other way to release his stress.

    (so do I) ----------- Clip of Zidane. Zidane probably feels the same way

    How many times have I felt diseased? -------- Queen Brahne beginning to summon Odin.
    It takes a little imagination here to believe that I put
    that clip there because Kuja has to watch with
    embarrassment the things that Brahne does with
    powers that took so much time to get with Kuja's help.

    (You wanna see the light?) ------- We're finally in Terra(hence the enormous amount of
    blue light).

    Nothing in my life is free, is free ------ Alexander protecting the castle with his wings.
    Don't you wish you could destroy things for free and not
    have to go through all this "crap" to get the job done?

    Sometimes I cannot take this place. Sometimes it's my life
    I can't taste
    ------- Kuja blowing Terra up. I think that speaks for itself.

    Sometimes I cannot feel my face ---------- Oh look, you can't see Kuja's face!

    You'll never see me far from grace. ----- Kuja really is a cute guy. . . Hence the lyric with the
    beautiful clip.

    Something takes a part of me ------ We now switch are point of view back to Zidane.
    Here we have the beginning of a continuing FMV where
    Dagger's running from Zidane and about to swing on those
    castle's flags. But right now we see Dagger, running.
    Dagger takes a piece of Zidane's heart.

    You and ------- Dagger standing on the edge of the tower...

    I were ------ Zidane runs into view

    meant to be ------- Dagger and Zidane, together! What a
    coincidence that they love each other!

    I cheat but for ---------- Close up on Dagger. We're now in her Point of view.
    She cheats because she's playing hooky.(heh)

    me to lay --------- And here she falls over the wall. "laying" makes almost
    perfect sense. This is the part where I mixed up the
    order of what comes next in the FMV. You really can't
    tell what I did unless you know that FMV like the back
    of your hand.

    Something takes ---------- I was just waiting for the part of the FMV to finish up and
    get to the real meaning of this lyric. . .

    A part of me. . . --------- Steiner. He holds Dagger back. A lot.

    Boom da wa boom wa ema..(etc.) --------- This is the FMV finishing up a bit. It matched perfectly with
    the lyrics and music, so I left it there instead of
    switching scenes. But for all "this means something" sake,
    It shows how Zidane and Dagger get past their obstacles
    in life(Zidane chases after his love, Stiener crashes into a

    [the very end of the boom da wa ema stuff]------ Zidane is in Terra. . . He finally got his goal, right?

    Go! ------------ Small clip of the Invincible(now Zidane and co,'s ship)
    going in the big sphere to defeat the silver dragons to
    "save the world".

    (musical interlude) ----------- Queen's stairs forming so Eiko and Dagger can summon
    Alexander. Another chance to save the world from Kuja
    and his henchmen/summons!
    And then I have a few other pieces of Opertunities like that.

    So who fight. . . Some things fight. .
    they fight! (etc.) -------- Bahamut being summoned, and blowing stuff up. They The good fight, right? Or are the summons just pawns on the
    I have a few other examples of this, as well.(odin, silver

    Something takes a part of me ------ Here we have bahamut on his way to destroy Alexandria.
    Right now we're in two points of view at the same time(well,
    maybe even three). Kuja's, Bahamut's, and Dagger's.
    Alexandria all takes a part of them, but it's Kuja and
    Bahamut's wish to destroy it.

    You and I were meant to be ----- Back in just Kuja's point of view. Kuja and Zidane together. Kuja
    wants Zidane with him.

    I cheat, but for me to lay ----- Kuja has summoned Bahamut. He cheats only so he can get
    his job done and create his Utopia.

    Something takes a ------- If only this sentence would finish during this clip! Well, anyway.
    We switch temporarily to Vivi's point of view. (assuming the
    sentence does finish) Vivi doesn't really believe he exists.
    Afterall, he IS different from everyone else, and technically,
    he's as rare as a vampire with a soul.(He's the only short kid-like
    mage with lots of emotions. Kuja's creation gone wrong has

    part of me. . . ------- Are point of view turns to Freya. Assuming the sentence started in
    this clip, somethign takes a part of her, too. She loves a man
    that got amnesia and has no idea who she is. She's really bummed
    about that.

    part of me. . . (etc.) ------ Our point of view switches back one last time to Kuja.
    He's climbing on his beloved silver dragon, and flying away.
    The silver dragon is almost part of him, and his idealistics take a
    part of him. In the end, we see him flying away from view.
    He was never able to creat his Utopia. "Ah, and if you look to the
    left of the sidecar, you may see a depressed Kuja."

    That's it! And as for all the special effects, I really only added motion to the credits, and those two "part of me"'s. I wish there was an FMV with Garland in it, or even one with Kuja and Zidane together. That would have helped. But to be truthful, it was the credits that were the hardest to animate!

    A BIG thank you to WinMX for the audio, and to for the video feed!!!

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