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  • Member: MysteriousRyder
  • Title: A City to Love
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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  • Song:
    • The Strokes juice box
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  • Comments: Nan Desu Kan AMV Contest 2007
    Best Action

    RealmsCon 2007
    2nd Place

    T-Mode AMV Contest 2007
    2nd Place (Action Category)

    Kumoricon 2007 Semi-Finalist
    Action and Effects Category

    Anime Expo 2006 Semi-Finalist
    Action/Adventure Category

    I was very surprised when this AMV made it as a semi-finalist in the Action/Adventure category at AX 2006, because 1) it was my first time entering an AMV competition, and 2) I've been making AMVs for only less than a year.

    The competition was tough this year at AX in the Action/Adventure category. There were a LOT of really good videos. O_o In fact, I'm not sure why my video made it into the semi-finals. Those other videos were really, really good!!!

    I was having trouble at the beginning finding a song I could use for Gunsmith Cats. When I heard "Juicebox" playing on the radio one day, I immediately thought about this anime. I liked the beat and the lyrics, and the tone of the song seems to fit the Chicago scenery in Gunsmith Cats. At that time, I didn't know the title to the song until I heard it again on another day when my sister was helping me find a song. Luckily, she knew the title (thanks! ^o^).

    It took about a month to make this video since I was trying to figure out how to use Adobe Premier (it was stressful trying to simultaneously figure out a new editing program while creating an AMV in time for the AX competition). I lost a lot of sleep creating this AMV when I should've gone to bed early for work the next day. =P I worked so hard trying to get the effects I wanted out of a program I was new to (before then, I was using Windows Movie Maker). I heard the song so many times that now, everytime it plays on the radio, I have Gunsmith Cats images running through my head. =P

    When my video was shown at AX, however, there were two flashing effects that didn't appear right. In one part of the video, the clip froze (and I was like, "AH! What happened!"), and in another scene, the flashes just didn't show up at all. I'm not sure if it's because the video was converted into an mpeg 2 or something, because the video looked fine when I sent it in as a DV avi and huffyuv avi. I should've just converted the video to Mpeg2 myself so that I can make sure that the video turns out all right after the conversion.

    EDIT: Just found out in the forums that a few other contestants had the same problems: some of the flashing effects and rapid frames disappeared from their videos when shown on the huge screen. Guess it must've been because the videos were shown on a labtop.

    The file here is fine though.

    I am very happy that I was able to make it to the semi-finals and that my work was shown at a large anime convention! Plus, I had a lot of fun watching other people's works.

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