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  • Member: tokyo no bara
  • Title: Ex-drivers GO!
  • Premiered: 2006-08-05
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  • Song:
    • Amy Diamond GO!
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  • Comments: oh this vid took alot of my time..
    i started doing it in july , i think.. first i just wanted to finish it very quickly but after some time i liked the idea more and more..
    i loved the song although this is not the typicall kind of music that i listen to.
    the voice of the singer is very childish , that fit very good to the characters of ex-driver , because they are pretty young. also the lyrics fit good to the whole story (ok they are driving all the time xD)
    because of the school there were two or three months that i didn't edit my video , so thats another reason why it took so long...

    i hope you will like it !!

    it would be great if you could leave an opinion , it would be a chance for me to improve my vids!

    enjoy ^^

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