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  • Member: Uziel_cs
  • Studio: Blessed Effects Studio
  • Title: Sheath for my sword, blood rain
  • Premiered: 2006-07-04
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    • Lostprophets Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja
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    Konkurs Teledyskow Anime 2006 AMV Contest (2006-07-06)

    3rd-4th place (semifinalist) on Konkurs Teledyskow Anime 2006 AMV Contest

    This clip was made 05 July 2006, (i don't remember how long i make it ^^', nevermind, I was in trance : p so i don't eat, don't wash, don't sleep, don't World Cup watch in TV, et cetera ^)^ . I don't have much time to make better this amv, but i think it is not bad work, better - this is great video ^^'. Many people said: that AMV is one of best music videos with "Kenshin - Reminiscence", maybe its true, who knows ^^, You must check your own ^_-).
    A special thanks to Lisiec, for all his help with compression matter, and for his patience ^)^.

    At the beginning explanation for those who didn't see "Rurouni Kenhin'a - Reminiscence" (little spoiler), amv name explanation. Title "Sheath of my Sword" isn't literal. Heroes of "Reminiscence" - called "SHEATH", woman that lower Samurai emotions, Kenshin emotions (Sword Heart). Fate have given him Tomoe, but he, disturbed with feelings, didn't know what to do - live with his love or continue assasins' live, and continue makeing "Blood Rain".

    Symbols in AMV and meaning:

    Eye (2:02-2:14) - After kenshin was wounded (1:59) by Sheat's boyfriend - he has gained vision of future and past. He saw paths diference paths of his live, what can he do, and what did happen.

    Kenshin live path (2:15-2:30) - He reflect his live from his begining. Final decision, "Sheath for my sword" or "blood rain" ... What did he chose? Watch video.


    Technical Details:
    Most of amv is an effect of Sapphire Plugin. I have dimmed whole clip to aquire better mood. In fight moments I've used two specyfic and orginal effects combination, to recive better dynamism I've used clouds and monitor shakeing . In "Kenshin live path" - I've used B&W and something (^^'), I let leafs in red, rest of objects I've turned in black (same in credits). Eye in 2:02-2:14 I've cut from anime, next imported in photoshop. Finaly in APP imported eye has 3 parts: skin, white, iris.I've set in proper orfer and have given different opacity - effect you can see in AMV. Nice watching ^^.

    flounder translate by Lisiec ^^

    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    Adobe Photoshop CS2
    Virtual Dub Mod

    Got it all too high
    Got it figured out
    I wanna do whatever
    Laugh until september
    And I seem to think that you were once here with me
    Maybe I was wrong
    U were moving on

    And I sit and wonder
    Falling under
    Get my way or nothing will move on
    Everyone has gone

    You feel so empty, but I've got me a friend
    And I like it

    And I know u say I can't care for someone
    But are you that clever that you smile forever?
    If it summer yeah...
    Coz I just don't feel it
    Baby its a treaty
    Maybe you are not her

    And I sit and wonder, falling under
    Get my way or nothing will move on
    Everyone has gone.

    You feel so empty, but I've got me a friend
    And I like it, ooooooh!

    Say now, got it for all of me
    How do I?

    btw. I prefer opinion exchange, if someone give me note - then I op his videos to ^_-). Enjoy!.

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