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  • Member: savvy_style
  • Title: I am NOT gay! *AX-style*
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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    • Avenue Q If You Were Gay
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    The video now works for all people. There should be no more audio problems. This was a long time coming, and I procrastinated on re-encoding it. But after about a third of my QCs come up "the audio doesn't work!" and someone begging me on DeviantArt to give him a working version, I finally broke down, and here it is, in all it's AVI format WMV3 encoded glory. Enjoy.

    This video was also entered into Yaoi Con 2006. I was blushing all night from the applause and laughter, so thank you everyone that attended X3 ~myu~

    AnimeExpo 2006 - Staff Favorite
    YasumiCon 2006 - Best Comedy

    You may have seen the old version floating around here, however, this is the version that premiered at AnimeExpo 2006 and won the Staff Favorite award! *zomg Savvy's first AMV award @_@*
    And for some reason, when it appeared on the big screen, it seemed a bit white-washed 0.o the AVI version is perfectly normal >_> [as was the high quality DV version]. I guess the Host Club is just too shiney for TV :3

    First of all, a Huuuuuuuuuuge thanks to Kiarae who left an opinion on the old version which gave me the drive to tighten up the video ^^

    About the video itself:
    haha, Savvy woke up on June 13th and said to herself "I wanna make another video to submit to Anime Expo '06", with the mailing deadline only three days away @_@
    So the old version was sent in the mail to be entered in Anime Expo's 2006 contest in the Comedy section! After the feedback on the video from Kiarae, I realized I wasn't happy with the lipsynching, and thus re-synched the video [and changed a few scenes], uploaded it to AX's FTP, and subsequently made the finals XD I ldidn't have high hopes for getting into the semi-finals, AX usually has good comedy videos, but somehow I managed >_> [since this particular year their comedy wasn't anything special]

    'newayz, this video actually starts out about 20 seconds into the song [go find it yourself if you wanna hear the whole thing]

    so here's the beginning dialouge!

    Aah, an afternoon alone with
    My favorite book, "Broadway
    Musicals of the 1940s."
    No roommate to bother me.
    How could it get any better than this?

    *door slams*
    Oh,hi Rod!

    Hi Nicky...

    Hey Rod, you'll never
    Guess what happened to
    Me on the subway this morning.
    This guy was smiling at me and talking to me

    That's very interesting.

    He was being real friendly,
    **AMV starts here**And I think he was coming on to me.
    I think he might've thought I was gay!

    So why was this awesome dialouge cut?! the 25%/75% no-music/music ratio requirement for AX [as it is I have half a second to spare before I woulda been over @_@ I got lucky >_>]

    This is also my first attempt at a lip synching video, and I thought the venture turned out purdy darn good if I do say so myself :D

    I don't plan on doing comedy videos too often, so this one's a treat ^^ Back to my other vids that I can actually take time on that will be entered in next year's AX [for that's the only con Savvy attends ;_; because she is poor...though she made it to Yaoi Con once XD]


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