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  • Members: WilLoW :--), Atvaark, Kragdrim, Nostromo_vx
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Bucephalus Bouncing Recursive AMV
  • Premiered: 2006-07-08
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    • Aphex Twin Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
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  • Comments: The concept of this video is quite difficult to explain.
    This is what we call a Recursive video, a new kind of Multi-Editor project.

    Basically, the source footage of the AMV is the AMV itself...

    As in most Multi-Editors AMVs, the audio file was splitted in several segments. But unlike most Multies, the video was edited linearly.

    The first segment was done by me, using Cowboy Bebop as a source footage.
    The second segment was done by Atvaark, using my first segment as a source.
    The third segment used the second segment as a source,

    As you can imagine, as the video goes on, quality and diversity tend to decrease, because of the rarefaction of source footage...
    This leads to a complete mess :)

    Kragdrim and Nostromo kindly helped us in this project, each of them creating one segment.
    Of course, we couldn't avoid inserting extra footage from time to time, subliminal images are always great ;)

    This video was entered in the French Japan Expo Contest 2006

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