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  • Member: Apollyon7
  • Title: I'm Awake
  • Premiered: 2002-10-08
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    • Godsmack Awake
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  • Comments: This is my 4th video I made about a month ago. I was going to start on a Mortal Kombat theme to DBZ, but this video took so much out of me I put it on hold. This video took me about 5 hours to make. The special thing about it is it has NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE, if you havn't seen the Lost Movie. which is Movie 5.5 I guess. It takes place after the first Cooler. I used mostly the end sequences to the "Bosses" if you will, so it's basically one big spoiler. The movie really wasn't that great anyway, it just offered some new footage to use in AMVs which I gladly took advantage of. the reason it took me 5 hours instead of less (if you didn't realize with my videos I've went from 10-5-3) is because I hadn't really seen the movie before, so I had to watch it to find the good parts. Plus because I made a 5 minute music video out of 1 movie I had little to work with. It's not one of those movies you'll watch over and over mainly because you'll be taking up a quarter of an hour just watching it 3 times, but it is one of my favorites especially towards the end.

    The credits song is Set of Off by POD which I just liked the chorus to that

    Upd. 6-29-03 I've gotten all my videos on a P2P kindof server. All you have to do is download the program Burst from the website and then click on the torrent files of my AMVs, they should open up into the program and begin downloading from everyone who has them. The video on that site is the updated version of the video after a couple alignment problems were fixed
    This is the link for Burst

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