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  • Member: Apollyon7
  • Title: I'm the Bonecracker
  • Premiered: 2002-09-12
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  • Song:
    • Shocore Bonecracker
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  • Comments: This is my 3rd video. I heard the song Bonecracker on the show Smallville when the teenager was electrocuted and switched powers with Clark. The song has a hiphop feel to the with a lot of rock. I decided to take a look at the dark side of myself and picked out as much blood and gore I could find out of Kenshin. Top it off with my insatiable tendinsies to line video and song together makes for a weird and twisted music video. If you've already seen the OVA than it shouldn't bother you too much, but if you have no idea what is going on, you may feel squeemish. It took me 3-5hrs to make the video. It's one of my favorites. This video marks the day I also started using a seperate song in the credits. Continuing with the weird trend I picked Fly Me To the Moon from Non Genesis Evangelion.

    Upd. 6-29-03 I've gotten all my videos on a P2P kindof server. All you have to do is download the program Burst from the website and then click on the torrent files of my AMVs, they should open up into the program and begin downloading from everyone who has them.

    The video you find on that website is actually an updated version. The orignal had some continuity and alignment problems. I also lost the credits picture so I made a new one.
    This is the link for Burst

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