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  • Member: KagoLissa
  • Studio: KagoLissa Productions
  • Title: Blood Of The Wicked
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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  • Songs:
    • CCR Have You Ever Seen The Rain
    • Godsmack No Rest For The Wicked
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I decided to go in a different direction from my first AMV. I put a lot of myself and my emotions into it. I was concerned that no one would like it. I'm quite surprised that people seem to understand it. I explored a different emotion on this attempt.

    My approach to making an AMV is to try to tell a story. I try to have the action follow the lyrics and mood of the song whenever possible, without overdoing it and becoming silly. My aim was to show Kenshin thinking back on earlier points in his life through flashbacks. I hope it worked out ok. I tried a few new effects, but many of my transitions were taken from the anime clips themselves. I really didn't want to overburden the story with effects. But I did play around more with the audio.

    I mostly used the OVAs Trust and Betrayal, and parts of the movie, because they contained many darker aspects I wanted to explore. This AMV contains some spoilers and quite a lot of violence. It's a bit long, due to my intro, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it. I thought the intro song fit that particular scene so well. At least I managed to keep the file size reasonably small. I tried to put more emphasis on the timing of this one. It helped having a more stable program. I used Ulead VideoStudio 9 this time and it was much better than WMM2. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you.

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