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  • Member: Apollyon7
  • Title: Tribute to the Hero Goku
  • Premiered: 2002-06-10
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    • Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott Hero
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  • Comments: This was my first video. I took me 10 hours to make which included the time to actually learn how to use Adobe Premier 6. All my videos have been redid a number of times to fix minor problems. If I have the time I will do a whole new remastered video with updated higher quality video.

    The video basically follows the life of Goku, or at least his high points (reaching new levels). I try to make up my own end credits picture, so each video of mine usually has a different picture and/or font. Only exception is Break Stuff.

    Unfortunately I don't have a website to display any of my videos, but they can be found on WinMX. I'm not sure about Kazaa. I try not to use that program, but if you find it, all the power to you.

    Upd. 6-29-03 I've gotten all my videos on a P2P kindof server. All you have to do is download the program Burst from the website and then click on the torrent files of my AMVs, they should open up into the program and begin downloading from everyone who has them.
    This is the link for Burst

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