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  • Member: omegaevolution
  • Studio: ΩOMEGA EditionsΩ
  • Title: Mega Phenomenon
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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  • Song:
    • Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon
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  • Comments: CONTEST RESULTS:
    - Best Action at the AFW 2006 AMV Contest
    - 3rd in Best Action in the Aniventure 2006 AMV Contest
    - Best Action at the White Rain Amateur AMV Contest (August 2006)
    - 2nd Best Effects at the White Rain Amateur AMV Contest (August 2006)
    - Judges Favourite at the White Rain Amateur AMV Contest (August 2006)

    ok my 7th AMV, and Im very proud of this one ^^, this is my first time using Sony Vegas, but Im still too new with the effects and in the compresion process (look at the size of the AMV), oh and its my first attemp to lip synch too, so go easy on me n., anyway the song is Phenomenon by thousand foot krutch and I was inspired by Sierra Lorna is "Phenomenon (Open your soul)" vid., I tried to make it original in that sense ;), if it didnt look original for you then you know the reason, I tried to make it original, not to copy Sierra Lorna is vid.

    The vid talk about the Beast out forms of megaman (yeah he went wild and its so cool ^^), and the 3 net saviors: Enzan, Laika and Lan/Netto, just that I think it has lots of action and its a new look for the cutie megaman you all know, trust me n..

    Anyway enjoy ^^, comments are apreciated too (sorry for the size, I still have to know how to compress it better and with perfect quality -_-)

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