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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: Jinzouningen Tribute - We're All To Blame
  • Premiered: 2006-07-01
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    • Sum 41 We're all to blame
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  • Comments: ATTENTION: Again. Before you start flaming, just read here, and you'll be good.

    Catch The First Tribute Here!

    First Place Winner: Majin Planet Fight Club 2006


    Yeah, so you guys probably just guessed to yourselves, if I went and made the first android tribute with that song then of course I'll make the other with the same song. Welp you guessed right, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I only ever gotten started on these videos officially only after watching both of FraChan's Homunculus Tributes, when truthfully I started it as soon as I saw the first but had some problems. It was only after I saw his second Homunculus Tribute that I just thought to myself "I'm sorry, but I gotta make an Androids Tribute for myself." Which I so happily dedicated myself to do. Honestly I listened to the song and watched his video so many times for months I almost grew obsessed with it and could actually see my own androids video in my head. I knew it was possible and that the androids also had something more to show than just a sadistic evil nature of theirs, and I'll rise to prove it and show to all. People has never paid much mind or thought about making a true tribute to Androids 17 and 18, so I decided I wanted to make it official.

    The Making:

    I found this to be very easy and beneficial once I had obtained every single episode I ever wanted of DBZ, and only after watching FraChan's video so many times that I knew what to put here and there. Since I had a feeling it would take me much longer to do this sort of video, I actually started making this video before the first tribute, and also wanted to get this in before the Majin Planet Fight Club 2006 started, so I did this right away. It wasn't very hard to make from time to time, in fact the only true difficulties about this video was maybe around the beginning and middle of the video when I couldn't think about the sort of footage to show, as well as not duplicate clips I already used in the first video. Relatively it didn't so long, only about a week and a half or so in editor's time. But I guess I should say it wasn't very hard, since I'm practically duplicating FraChan's video, but please know it was all for the good. I respect him and like his videos so much and I want to spread my own thoughts out, I know the androids can be the same as the Homunculi.

    The Video:

    It's almost exactly what you'd expect from FraChan's Homunculus video, and the exact opposite of the first tribute. It's about the androids 17 and 18 struggling with themselves of their own sadistic nature and converting to the more neutralistic to good guy view in the series. It's exactly as you think, the androids are all to blame for their chaotic events in the DB history, and I hope you get that. The lyrics of the song goes with the video along very well as much as the first one did, it shows a great personal interest and nature in the androids, something many people missed out on and couldn't see in themselves. The video could be fun at times, serious, chaotic, then sad, and sentimental at the end. The mood of the video changes about just as quickly as the song does, I only chose Androids 17 and 18 because they're more organic and human-like, having emotions of their own. The video also show similar relationships to other people in the series, like Android 18 to Krillin, her daughter, etc. They each play their own role roughly, and you would see conflicts between the twin androids as well throughout the video, Android 17, 18, and Super Android 17. So I'll just say in a nutshell, the video is about the androids in a NOT-SO-CLICHE action video, hardly any fights in this one here.


    Now plain and simple, you might think it's surprising I took FraChan's videos and put them in my own perspective, and with the androids as well. See it'd only be NOOB if I did it about the Saiyans, or about ALL the villains, it's just the androids 17 and 18. this is a very fun, well-worth a download video here, I absolutely love it myself and can't stop watching it, I really love the outcome of it. I would really appreciate it as well for you guys to take the time and leave an opinion on the video, it'd be greatly appreciated. I hope you guys enjoy this second tribute as much as the first, and as much as I did making it. Hopefully even more. It's no cheap duplicate either, and not trying to show my video better than FraChan's whatsoever. Thank you!

    Credit goes to FraChan for allowing me to make this.

    Don't get mad.

    Opinions granted would be FULLY appreciated and I'll be sure to comment on yours as well.

    Catch The First Tibute Here!

    Video/Technical Specs

    Video Length: 4:12
    Video Codec: XviD (FourCC XviD Decoded)
    Video Quality: 3165 Kbps 3.0 Quantizer
    Audio Codec: Lame MP3
    Audio Quality: 48000Hz 192 kbps
    Resolution: 640x480 (4:3 Fullscreen)
    Frame Rate: 23.97 fps
    File Size: 81.9 MB (85,892,832 bytes)

    Programs Used:

    Sony Vegas 6.0d
    AviC FourCC


    Take everything left from me

    How can we still succeed, taking what we don't need?
    Telling lies, alibis, selling all the hate that we breed.
    Supersize our tragedies! (You can't define me or justify greed)
    Bought in the land of the free! (Land! Free!)

    And we're all to blame,
    We've gone too far,
    From pride to shame,
    We're trying so hard,
    We're dying in vain,
    We're hopelessly blissful and blind
    To all we are,
    We want it all with no sacrifice!

    Realize we spend our lives living in a culture of fear.
    Stand to salute; say thanks to the man of the year.
    How did we all come to this? (You can't define me or justify greed)
    This greed that we just can't resist! (Resist!)

    And we're all to blame,
    We've gone too far,
    From pride to shame,
    We're trying so hard,
    We're dying in vain,
    We're hopelessly blissful and blind
    To all we are,
    We want it all.
    Everyone wants it all with no sacrifice!

    Tell me now, what have we done? We don't know.
    I can't allow what has begun to tear me down,
    Believe me now, we have no choice left with our
    Backs against the wall!

    And now we're all to blame,
    We've gone too far,
    From pride to shame,
    We're hopelessly blissful and blind
    When all we need
    Is something true
    To believe,
    Don't we all?
    Everyone, everyone,
    We will fall.

    'Cause we're all to blame
    We've gone too far,
    From pride to shame,
    We're trying so hard,
    We're dying in vain,
    We want it all,
    Everyone, don't we all?

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