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  • Member: Shinodude
  • Title: Colorblind
  • Premiered: 2006-06-29
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    • Counting Crows Colorblind
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  • Comments: before summer break I lended my friend max my chrono crusade dvds and once i got them back he asked my to make this video and I did it mainly because i was bored and nothing better to do

    this video.... I dont know if you could call it my best effort but I dont think its a horrible vid I think its definatly worth a download

    no there is not any lip sync

    I did use some effect but only grain,black & white, and, cookie cutter. I only used grain in cookie cuter in the very beginning every other clip with some grain was acully from the anime because in the anime when it shows the past there is a slight grain in it.

    this video is about the hardships of all of the main charecters in chrono crusade including father remmington, if you look at it he did have a part in chrono crusade but there are very very very few clips in this video with him.

    like I said I tried to concentrate on the hardship they all go through

    this was a biatch to compress I wish I could have compressed it batter but couldnt :( but it aint that bad

    programs used:
    vegas 6.0

    I hope you enjoy this video

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