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  • Member: CerebralAssamite
  • Title: One of the segments that didnt make Demons Within
  • Premiered: 2006-01-01
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    • Arch Enemy My Apocalypse
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  • Comments: Now before I go into how much I adore this video blah blah the reason it was not chosen for a final spot in DW was.....
    This computer BS im going on about, while touching up this video (and they did like my touch ups) the comp died and couldn't finish finalising this video, I don't blame Tormentor and Warheart for not accepting it, It was half my decision to not put it in anyway.
    When watching DW (which I got to do at a mates place) I felt empty, It felt like my video should have been in there (its by far the best I have created to date).

    Anyway, enjoy this video, Grats to the peeps who participated in DW and made the final video, those that didn't hehe well you know why you didn't make it, I took the brunt of that criticism as well.

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