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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: Jinzouningen Tribute - Get Ready To Die
  • Premiered: 2006-06-25
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    • Andrew W.K Ready To Die
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  • Comments: ATTENTION: BEFORE YOU START FLAMING. I suggest you just read the comments okay? Okay.

    Watch The Second Tribute Here!


    It was quite a few months back, around near the late of last year when I happened to watch one of FraChan's videos and his new video at the time Ready To Die! At first I was sorta surprised at the kind of song he used, I actually liked the song, caught me by surprise of how it has a humorous melody to it but ironically an "All about killing" type of song. In fact, I liked the song so much that, guess what, I thought about making a video of my own with it. I was thinking if I should make it an all villain tribute to DBZ, but after listening to the lyrics so many times I thought it makes a lot more sense used with the Jinzouningen "Artifical Humans". I made a beta of it shortly after, which was exactly Ten months ago when his first tribute came out, but unfortunately before I could even get to finish my hardrive blew out and had to get a new one, and lost everything. Read About The Resurrection Here. Anyway, I didn't give out and I planned on continuing what I wanted to do, by first confronting the very editor of Ready To Die! and asking his permission to do a video of my own with the song, which he gladly accepted. The old beta looked like major crap anyway compared to this one.

    The Making:

    Now besides the 10 months ago when I first made the beta, this actually took me a short amount of a week and a half to make in editing hours. 3 weeks if you wanna count my laziness. The video is pretty straight-forward though, not a lot of fancy effects at all and basically going with every single beat heard in the video. It was also very fortunate of the amount of DBZ footage I actually own, which made this all the more better. Despite the fact that I absolutely hate DragonBall GT, I just needed something extra with it, and I was actually limited with clips to use since this is also part one of a two-part tribute I'm doing with this. Only problem I might have had on this video was what sort of random fights should I put in order, but turned out all good anyway.

    The Video:

    This is the first tribute of an Android video solely about Androids 17 and 18, basically I just think there aren't any, or enough, Jinzouningen tributes or videos where it's just plainly ABOUT THEM and not the cliche "Kill everyone, kill Gohan, beat up Trunks, Trunks gets stronger and kill them." This first tribute to them is actually about how evil they are, starting out as a typical normal everyday setting to all of a sudden they come out of nowhere and start blowing shit up. Killing everyone. They are androids built by Dr. Gero to specifically kill Goku, but instead, they went and had fun on their own, killing their creator, and everyone else in sight. What made this video so good and in sync is that when you listen to the lyrics carefully it's as if the song is specifically about them only, speaking in a pronoun sense. Both the androids 17 and 18 have an equal role in this video, you'll notice many matching things about the video and you'll be surprised how much the song goes so well with them.


    Ending this little bit of description about the video, this is an all-out killing video about Androids 17 and 18, the compressing I had to do for this was such a pain in the bitch, but very well worth it. I hope you guys really enjoy this video as much as I did making it, PLEASE leave opinions on this video as well, it'd be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way, a few notes.

    NO FLAMING. I distinctly got permission from FraChan himself!

    Jinzouningen = Artifical Humans

    Credit to FraChan for having me make this!

    Muchos opinions please.

    Watch The Second Tribute Here!

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    Video Length: 3:25
    Video Codec: XviD (FourCC XviD Decoded)
    Video Quality: 3165 Kbps 3.0 Quantizer
    Audio Codec: Lame MP3
    Audio Quality: 48000Hz 192 kbps
    Resolution: 512x384
    Frame Rate: 23.97 fps
    File Size: 66.9 MB (70,210,556 bytes)

    Programs Used:

    Sony Vegas 6.0d
    AviC FourCC


    This is your time to pay.
    This is your judgement day.
    We made a sacrifice,
    and now we get to take your life.

    We shoot without a gun.
    We'll take on anyone.
    It's really nothing new,
    it's just a thing we like to do.

    You better get ready to die,
    You better get ready to kill,
    You better get ready to run,
    'Cause here we come,
    You better get ready to die!

    Your life is over now.
    Your life is running out.
    When your time is at an end,
    Then it's time to kill again.
    We cut without a knife.
    We live in black and white.
    Your just a parasite.
    Now close your eyes and say good-night.

    You better get ready to die,
    You better get ready to kill,
    You better get ready to run,
    Cause here we come,
    You better get ready to die!
    Get ready to die!
    Get ready to die!

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