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  • Member: B-ob
  • Title: Forever and Always
  • Premiered: 2006-07-15
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    • Jim Jamison I'm Always Here
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  • Comments: My first attempt at a straight "Parody" video. Really, just an excuse to have videos running in slow motion. Oh yeah.

    So, now that AV-Con 06 is over, I guess I can make some comments on this one.

    there's a bit of a story behind how this video came about. My wife's boss is a big David Hasselhoff fan, so I was asking if he runs in slow motion singing "I'll be ready..." etc. Needless to say, the song got stuck in her head, and she started getting annoyed. Well, as any of you who make AMV's know, you end up listening to the song so many times it will make your ears bleed. Enter: excuse to make a video. Aren't I a nice husband?

    This video was never meant to be taken seriously, or even to be very good. I ended up throwing it together over the course of a few evenings, at the sacrifice of some of my other projects. I had a good time on this one. The screening at AV-Con 06 was great, I was particularly pleased with the reaction to "STARRING: KEITARO URASHIMA"

    Things learned? Chroma keying is very difficult with Anime. I need to learn rotoscoping perhaps. Velocity envelopes are fun.



    Ps, Contact me directly (my email is on my forum profile) for a 'screener' copy that has this video and the original "Baywatch credits" video side by side. Comedy gold when you're watching David Hasselhoff and Keitaro running in slow-mo at the same time.

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