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  • Members: *inverse*, Chiikaboom, Takefuji
  • Studio: ReVeRsEd Studios
  • Title: The Scrapped Projects
  • Premiered: 2006-06-23
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Angel's Song
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Trauma (remix)
    • Caesars Jerk It Out
    • E Nomine Der Hitmix
    • Equilibrium Encounter
    • Kelly Clarkson Addicted
    • Linkin Park Hit The Floor
    • Linkin Park Pts.of. Athrty
    • Newton Streamline
    • Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders
    • Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away
    • Nightwish Planet Hell
    • Shane Wiebe When I Am With You
    • Simple Plan Me Against the World
    • Star Wars Duel of the Fates (Techno Remix)
    • Within Temptation Stand My Ground
    • X Ray Dog Shadow of Tyranny
  • Anime:
  • Comments:
    This is a compilation of a few projects we've worked on in the past that were never finished. Most of the tracks here belong to me, while 6 other tracks belong to Chiikaboom and Takefuji.

    Programs used:

    - Windows Movie Maker 2
    - Video Explosion Deluxe
    - VirtualDubMod
    - DVD Decrypter

    The videos here are pretty varied, especially since I was able to dig up a couple of ancient videos from 2002 that I did with Movie Maker (although I admit feeling guilty adding more Linkin Park to the server). The time span is basically from 2002 to 2006. Unfortunately, I don't have every single project that Iíve ever scrapped, but we definitely had enough to put this little project together.

    The Project:


    The tracks are all in chronological order (I think) starting with the relics from 2002. 2004 starts with a couple of my Fullmetal Alchemist videos I worked on before I finished Lost Soul. At that time I was determined to use Nightwish in some way, so there are a couple attempts using FMA and Rayearth in there (one being for an MEP). There are still some videos in here I'd like to try again with someday.... or see someone else do ;P I would really like to use Shane Wiebe's "When I Am With You" to various romance anime, and I plan on doing it when I finish other projects.

    I've also included a re-edited segment for my "Endurance" video. I planned on adding more with the footage from the final DVDs, but as it turned out, I lost the motivation.

    Lastly, I found one old video of mine that was just the Yu Yu Hakusho opening theme done to Kurama's version of the song. I thought instead of including that, I'll redo a little bit of it and use it in the ending credits (not to mention the original visual quality was shot).


    The only scrapped projects of mine are the three Final Fantasy videos. Iíve gone through several songs trying to find one I can make a decent video to, and these are only some of the ones Iíve tried (and the only ones Iíve kept.)

    The first one, Shadow of Tyranny, was basically spur of the moment. I listened to the song, I think, twice, and basically threw clips and effects on the timeline. I didnít like the way it was going, and without a decent quality song file or the motivation, this project got tossed out.

    Second is Encounter. This was originally the first Advent Children music video Iíve made, just to test out my DVD. The video itself is finished, however shortly after completing the project I started AdVendetta, which is where I discovered Encounter. And, my opinion, AdVendetta is way better than this one =P So this video was never uploaded.

    The last project of mine was to the Duel of the Fates techno mix. Iíve been meaning to make a dance video, and with Advent Children as my current obsession I tried to combine the two. The result: Ick. Duel of the Fates seemed to work at the time, but I only had enough inspiration to complete less than half of the song. And I didnít want the rest of the video to just be clips tossed here and there.


    There is a segment called "Rejected HitMix Tracks" in here as well. Chiikaboom has already re-done the Chrono Crusade track, Elfen Lied's been completely removed (and replaced by Wolf's Rain), and Takefuji's using more sources and re-doing the Kenshin track.

    The last project included here was "The Pepshi Project". We planned on making a fun, dance-style video using Newton's Streamline (or that catchy song from the Pepsi commercial). I completed two tracks, played around with MKR and MUC, while Chiikaboom started one. It was fun at first, but it started to get in the way of the HitMix and other videos we were working on, so that project was ditched as well.

    Most of the footage and music I had to work with were already compressed in some way, so some of the tracks lack decent visual/audio quality. Like I said, most of the work here is rather varied, but the last bit of the project is a lot more fun to watch than the first few minutes.

    With that said, we hope you'll enjoy our first semi-collaboration project ^_^

    *You will need the XVID codec or the VLC Media Player to play this video.

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