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  • Member: Moonlight Soldier
  • Studio: The Firefly Chronicles
  • Title: Yours, Eternal
  • Premiered: 2006-06-23
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  • Song:
    • Sarah McLachlan Possession
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  • Comments: 1st in Northern Anime Festival 2006's Pro Category


    Let it be known that normally I dislike listening to Sarah McLachlan. I blame the fact that I live so close to her hometown and her songs are overplayed.

    But, somehow Possession got stuck in my head and before I knew it Iíd edited more than half the video in five hours. Go me.

    Iím usually not one for dark drama, but this just happened.

    Ceres, Celestial Legend is not only drama, but fantasy as well. For this amv, I wanted to keep all aspects of fantasy out and centre only on the violence and passion of human nature.

    I tried to portray a woman (Aya) who is holding on to memories of her former lover (Toya/dude with the red hair). As it happens, said lover becomes the victim of a crazed rival (Aki/blonde dude) who wants her for himself.

    I tried to set this video up as memories. Thus, whenever black borders the screen it is the past. These memories haunt the woman particularly when she sleeps, or closes her eyes.

    She is just possessed by her loverís ghost.


    I wanted to edit this video quickly before inspiration escaped me, so the bulk of it was done in (gasp!) Adobe Premiere. But, I still did the finishing touches in Magix.

    Itís encoded in xvid, with some AVIsynth filters of course.

    Shout outs

    Props to Fall_Child42 for giving me a detailed beta run-down and everyone else that I bugged with this.

    A note on spoilers: Technically, this video doesnít spoil anything, but you might believe yourself spoiled because of the way I edited. (Is that a spoiler in itself?)



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