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  • Member: Maru-sha
  • Studio: Lovely Loli Girl Studios
  • Title: The Pedophile Approved AMV
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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    • Oingo Boingo Little Girls
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    This AMV marks off the first major launch in my new studio name "Lovely Loli Girl Studios". Anyway, lets cut to the chase here.


    Purpose of this AMV:

    The full purpose of this project was to see how far I could push myself to really spend a good long time making just one AMV. Well, another reason is that I love using little girls in AMVs, so I just memorized all the words of the song and slowly but surely began mapping out this wonderful fruit of my efforts.


    The concept was to exploit the chibi and other not-so-chibi little girls of the anime world to the fullest of my potential. It was quite fun!

    Talk about exploiting ! Little girls in bed with older men, little girls clinging to areas on a male's person, panty-shots of little girls, girls flying into a guy's face panties first, Even a little girl spreading her legs !!

    Overall meaning:

    If you're a little or loli-type girl...stay away from people who go around singing this song!

    Inspiration behind this AMV:

    Guy07's AMV called The Valentine's Day AMV

    Streicher's AMV called Ichigo Go! Go !


    Time spent on AMV (encluding editing, re-editing and re-re-editing): over 35 hours

    Time of cropping: less than 25 mins.

    Time of uploading: ....ridiculously short !

    Special Thanks goes to Guy07, Streicher, Kai_Lexx and Kitsuner for pre-viewing and beta editing

    VERY Special Thanks is for LadyDX and GloryQuestor for cropping the final vid for me. I love you all and I can't thank you all enough for your help, scorn, improvements, and just sticking with me!

    Now go watch the darn thing! ^^

    Quick Comments Received:

    2006-07-18 11:11:07 pretty good

    2006-07-10 02:30:29 Well, some of these girls weren't really loli, but I have to admit, great job.

    2006-07-07 20:49:12 scarey O_O

    2006-07-07 16:04:11 Disturbing, but well done. @.@

    2006-07-07 06:30:20j ust ewwww

    2006-06-30 21:26:10The song/theme is now quite cliche, but I'm a sucker for it! ;p

    2006-06-28 21:47: 56haha XD I'm a girl and even I liked this one. Great concept

    2006-06-28 14:20:46 Great work! Sync was very dead on. Again, AR and video quality is so-so.

    2006-06-23 21:44:04 I hope you really don't mean it. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

    2006-06-23 01:04:06 O.o should have left out Evangelion and Gravitation and maybe a couple of the others but interesting... your editing also keeps improving...

    2006-06-23 01:02:56 are you sure you're not a pedophile? lol, j/k, that was fun 5 stars. -Yeiweh

    2006-06-23 00:44:52 This was just wrong. . .and frighteningly well done. O.o Um, good job?

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