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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Yahweh
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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  • Songs:
    • 100 Songs For Kids Sunshine
    • Cowboy Bebop Blue
    • Enya Cursum Perficio
    • Enya Storms in Africa
    • Lion King II Simba's Pride He Lives In You
    • Sting Every Breath You Take
    • Tsubasa Chronicle A Song of Storm and Fire
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  • Comments: Made with Windows Movie Maker.

    The long awaited Yahweh Project has finally arrived!!!

    Please note the only real effects is the fading in of the pictures with the anime.

    Well, this took a lot longer than most of my AMV's. Mainly because some segments made WMM crash more than others. I still think it turned out pretty well despite the fact that almost completely ruined the part with Chiyo-chan. I had the lip sync perfect, and it had to ruin it. Please don't rate the lip on that part -_-' Also the damn WMM decided that it had something against this project and deleted the whole entie thing when I was about done. This proves computers are evil. So, I had to repiece the whole thing together again. So that's the story.

    Anyway, this whole AMV is another dedication to Yahweh God. And each segment describes Him in a way. Or in one section with Chiyo-chan how we feel about Him. I made the AMV like a Song for Everyone. But this time just for Yahweh God. I integrated pictures of His divine name into the anime.

    Sorry abot the visual quality on the first segment, but I got lazy the second time around and cut that part from my AMV the Heart of the Cards. But otherwise the quality's good.

    The explaination of ach segment will come later today. I would've uploaded this AMV two days ago but it was giving that video doesn't exist error and you know you always get the most hits on the first day. So enjoy!

    All comments are welcome, good or bad. Thank you for reading.

    Quick Comments:
    2008-11-24 17:24:14 Hardly 2 stars. Honestly, where's the sense in that vid. No story, no effects, no fun - just nothing.
    2006-07-26 17:32:58 Great overall
    2006-07-21 13:58:29 My last comment until you release your next AMV. Good compilation. The record scratch was a good addon. A rundown from your beginnings: 1- You need better video Capture 2- Noticeable improvement in the storyline. 3 - Better video quality than when you started 4 - You're doing well, keep going. 5- Good choices in music. U-U
    2006-06-25 00:23:59 very spiritual, I liked it. 5 stars
    2006-06-24 00:37:59 It was good...
    2006-06-22 22:51:38 nice
    2006-06-22 20:51:51 oh, i like this concept and the whole amv is very unique. nice job. -Beth

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