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  • Member: Mad Arab
  • Title: Sailing Out Of My Head
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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    • Lisa Germano From A Shell
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    WARNING: This amv contains suggestive themes, though there is nothing explicit about them. You have been warned.


    The storyline is about this guy who assualted(mollested) his young blue eyed daughter in the past , and eventually "lost her", one day he met a young boy who looked just like her , and the very confused and disturbed man replaced his daughter with that boy , the movie goes on with the young boy leading the man through different places that symbolize the father's journey of running away from reality and out of his head into a more beautiful place where he can spend time with his "daughter" (but not really , cause the person he's actually with is the boy) , later in the video , the two people reach the bed scene where the young boy rests and guides the man's hand to his neck as an invite for the man to strangle him , then as the boy held a pillow for the man so he could use it in the boy's suicide , a flashback of his own daughter from the past passes by (OMGBBQ my english sucks) and he remembers the event where he strangeled her (and that's how he lost her) , then the man most likely goes to sleep or something , and a flashback from when he met the boy in "real life" not the way he saw it in his "mind" (and i mean not the part where he saw the boy up the stairs , that was the way the man was seeing things) , the boy was actually a male prostitute who was trapped in that lifestyle and wanted out , so as the man approached him and gave him the money wanting "a session" LOL , the boy grabbed the man's hand and asked him to "free him" , as in killing him , cause like he thought of it as the only way out of his misery . so like that's why the boy smiled when he was getting killed .

    in the last scene we see the man lieing on the bed next to the boy's dead body , and he has a freaky skin inffection , which was caused by an STD he got from the male prostitute . and he closes his eyes to finally have some rest after the overwelmimng day he spent .


    To make this amv i used MS paint , and drew by the mouse (give me some credit for that !!111) , to fix the whole video together i used Ulead video studeo 8 , and well , it was fun to draw and stuffz but i was so close to getting a heart attack when the editting part started , i like the outcome so i guess it was all worth it ^_____^

    hope you likey .

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