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  • Member: Epuxisum
  • Title: Mystic Symphony
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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    • Danny Elfman Edward Scissorhands
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  • Comments: For this AMV, I try to make something diferent of all the AMV I made before.
    My purpose in this vids was to make something beautiful, harmonious. So I chose one of my favourite movie's original soundtrack, the one of Edward Scissorhands. Then I sought anime who could agree with this enchanting atmosphere. For my opinion "Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust" and the OAV 3 of "Cyber City OEDO", were able to meet this condition.
    So I started to make this AMV. More I was advancing in the montage and more I was feeling as a some magic who was disengaging of this video. I have then decided to call him "Mystic Symphony".
    It has musted me much more than time lastly. Because for this one , I have taken the time to return on some ways who were not pleasing me.
    I'm then, to the final, arrived to have a result who pleases me enormously. And I hope that you will appraise this video as far as me.
    Try to let me a maximum of opinion.

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