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  • Member: melezov
  • Studio: Anime 42
  • Title: Outshined
  • Premiered: 2002-11-04
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  • Song:
    • Yez (Omnicolour) seventh bakk-slide
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  • Comments: Outshined - A Tribute to Bakkslide7

    The short story:

    This AMV is all about loss.
    It's about loneliness and guilt.

    The music and lyrics were taken from Bakkslide7 - a demo for PC.


    The long story:

    This AMV is a tribute to Bakkslide7 - the best PC demo in existence.


    Now.. many of you don't know what a demo is, so I'll try to explain.

    A demo is mostly a program containing a graphical presentation
    (which can often have sound in it through which coders "show off"
    their potential. The demo-scene on PC emerged somewhere around
    1990's and has been pretty much live up to date.

    Most of the demos after the introduction of Windows turned their backs
    on DOS and started coding for DirectX/something similar. Some of demos
    nowadays are pretty damn huge and are actually benchmarks for your 3d card.

    Final Reality by Remedy and 3dMark 2000/2001 are such examples.

    Now - back to Bakkslide7.


    Bakkslide7 is NOT a windows demo. From what I know.. it will not run
    on Windows NT/2k/XP. You will be able to start it on most of 98/ME
    machines but that's not a promise. Just like some good old games.

    Bakkslide7 has made a huge impression on me when I first saw it.
    Today I can honestly say I saw that demo around .. 1000 times.

    Not fooling.

    Okay okay, enough with the whole demo yakkity schmakitty, what's that
    got to do with anything?


    What seperates this production from most other AMVs is the fact that
    the soundtrack originated from a music module. That exact music module
    was used in Bakkslide7 with the exact lyrics.

    The music artist who created this tune is Yez from the group Omnicolour.
    But one musn't forget to mention the other Hellcore/Omnicolour people
    without whom this demo would never have existed.


    NONE of the lyrics were changed, every word and space is at it appeared in the
    Bakkslide7 demo. It would be a lot easier if you just downloaded the blasted thingy
    and ran it :)

    Where? Oh dear, I haven't told you that.. here's a list of the Direct Download Links:

    The original demo:

    DIRECT 1) Bakkslide7 - the demo / soundtrack

    The outshined AMV:

    [Direct Links are not available at this time.. Please use the LOCAL download!]

    DIRECT 2) HQ Version - Xvid 0.7*Max Quanti-thingy (THANX AD! :)*
    DIRECT 3) MQ Version - Xvid 0.4*Max Quanti-thingy*
    DIRECT 4) LQ Vesrion - Xvid 0.2*Max Quanti-thingy*

    The first link leads to the demo which inspired this AMV. Inside the zipped archive, along
    with the demo itself there will be a music module which you can play in Winamp or other
    module compatible players.


    When I first heard this song I KNEW I had to do SOMETHING about it.

    Actually I lied. I've first heard this tune in 1999 and didn't have a clue about AMVs then :)
    But who cares! :)

    My first idea was to use the ever-so-popular Kenshin OVA .. now that would be a killer.
    This kindof a soundtrack to Kenshin. At least it would be original. Not. Maybe. Yet.
    Anyway - I sortof chilled of the idea for better days even though I had the OVAs on DVDs.

    And then.... then.. I saw Metropolis.

    I saw.. the light.

    Every phrase - every scene - every goddamn lyric it all fitted! I was in heaven..

    I could finally create a tribute to Bakkslide7. And here it is!


    This AMV is about loss.
    It's about loneliness and guilt.

    More I cannot say without describing what happens in the AMV.
    There. I hope I didn't bore you with my life story. Yeah, like any of you actually read all this.

    Enjoy watching and please tell me what you think about it.
    I'm very interested about the way you felt it.

    [ (HQ) XVID MPEG-4, 480x352, 1404 kbps (VBR), 29.970 fps ][ MP3 44.1 kHz 192 kbps CBR ]

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